Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh made an explosion with foreign actress Lauren Gottlieb, Holi song went viral

Hollywood actress Lauren Gottlieb with Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh

Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh’s Holi song “Kamaria Hila Rahi Hai” is going viral. In the video, Pawan Singh and Lauren (Lauren Gottlieb) are doing great Holi dance with each other. People are still liking this song after 1 year

Bhojpuri singer and actor Pawan Singh is making a lot of headlines these days for their Holi songs (Bhojpuri Holi Songs). Even before the festival, the singer has charmed the fans with his various songs, but nowadays his Holi song is going viral. This Hindi Holi song was released last year. Interestingly, ABCD movie star Lauren Gottlieb has been seen dancing to this viral Holi song.

The Bhojpuri star’s music album features American-born actress and singer Lauren Gottlieb dancing in a country style. The video starts with Pawan Singh’s tricks. At the beginning of the video, the two are seen massaging the actor’s shoulder. When these two people tell Pawan Singh that it is the festival of Bhai Holi who wants your new song on the radio, then the actor says that a new heroine is also needed for a new song. Then another man asks them to drink marijuana and then Lauren Gottlieb’s flashing entry who then sings the song to singer Payal Singh loudly.

Pawan Singh’s Holi song tunes are “Kala Chashma Laga Ke Ghori, Vega Choli Bijuria, Fagun Brishti Jharna AAA … Kamaria Kampche” … In the video Pawan Singh and Lauren Gottlieb are dancing great Holi together. Everyone is praising Pawan Singh Lauren’s dance. It’s great to see the chemistry between the two. Pawan Singh sang the song together with Payal Singh. The music is also written by Payal Singh and its lyrics are written by Mohsin Sheikh.

The song was released by Justof Music on its YouTube channel on February 24, 2020, which is still getting a lot of love from viewers. Recently, a Bhojpuri user commented on the video and wrote, “This time the song should be 200m by the end of Holi … Pawan and Lauren Gottlieb’s hanging vibration is being praised.


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