Bhojpuri Special: What about Tejpratap’s victory in Hasanpur?

H.The deaf people of Sanpur Sugar Mill Asatet Bank were very crowded. Sakaldeo Jador Subhash Chaucha hurried away. But there is so much traffic on the road that they are trying to beat the victim in the sack. Cost Expenses – Consonant Banchal. Sakildev thought of getting off the bicycle. Ask Adimi before on the way, there is a lot of crowd outside the bank; Adam sakaldebera kahlas a hans ka khalas, kavna lok ki lahas, e nikhra did you know that today is the oil fence for Tejparap bank account? Tejpatap needed a bank account to fight the election. This place has a lot of crowds at U Bank. I pray for Sakaldeb that oh yes, Kalhatsa is the son of Lalu Zia. After Subhash Chauchar’s letters arrive, see that Madho Rai has two cards Madhesar. Sakaldev’s engineer lived in Patna. I am sending money to Madhes. When Satyadeva’s son Venta got his support. Madho Roy said, “Is Satyadeva looking at Tejatrapat?” The movement increased from Azila in Tejparap to Hasanpur. Instead of the influence of Lalu Zia’s name, Anu or.

Glory must be taken somewhere
Sakaldev did not ask Madho Rai’s questions, but he did not meet him but heard that there was a large circle in the bank at Tejtrapat. If you listen to Madhesar, I want to tell you that Tejpratap fought so far from Alexon, where did he come from? What is the effort of Mahuya Kavno? His name is Hasanpur Chauhadio, who knows how? Madho Roy said that Tejparap Kavno himself fought with an oil fence, his support was in the name of Laluji. Hasanpur Jado (Yadav) Jathas, Ihe Janer Tejpatap Ehija …. Sakaldev Bichi Madho Rai’s point of view, Aker means J Jado Hoi U Rajde Bhot Dihi JD has Raj Kumar Rai TS Jadve, Uhot S Apon Jet with a win. Prince Rai Do Beer, won here. In 2010, he became the hit winner of TS Raj Kumar RJD’s Sunil Puspam. JD’s magic, RJD’s magic is possible to go to this place tomorrow, Jodho Hoi U V Ko will think. In 2020 the fight between magic and sorcery will not go to Lenny’s money for sharpness.Hasanpur magic vs. magic war
Sakaldev knew the politics of Hasanpur. Say, I am right in saying that from 1967 to the present day he has won from Hasanpur, and won in Jadev. However, it is not true that the Ehwan vote goes to the next name, the condition and the ribbon are also important. Gajendra Parsad Himanshu Ehwan was a very prominent socialist leader. In 1967, Ranson won the first barrel from Sansopa ticket PS Ihwan. Ohgari, he lived to be 26 years old. He left Hasanpur ber bar. Uh ah na na jit s jado ko jado rahna, their image was honest socialism. He is very adamant that he does not know, because he is writing his title Himanshu. From the four parties, Vyak Vil, Sansopa, Janata Party, Janata Dal and JDU Sakdel became so stunned, unconscious, Gajenagar Himanshu Bada was the leader but one Bori public went against him. In 1980, Himanshu lost to Rajinder Jado of the Congress. Dallas lost the magic of Congress, the magic of socialism. Sunil Puspam of Du Ber RJD wins. In February 2005 and October 2005, there was a victory in two elections. One by one RJD’s magic peg came from here. The Hasanpur seat has been held by JD (U) Raj Kumar Rai since 2010. If you go fast, Raj Kumar Jadeway, who is Farian now? What is the victory of Tejparatap Hasanpur?

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Madho Rai said his thinking could be a bit of a problem because of Tejatrapat’s outward attitude. Prince Roy is local, he could raise the issue of externalism. At Hasanpur, it was clear that Tejpratap Ile Veda had moved from Mahua, the coward of Jashwariya. If God had not eaten, Chanrika Rai Ihwan, the father-in-law of his father-in-law, would have become the master of Tejatrapat. W Sharia may not contest the election but he does not know about the Lalu family. Tej Pratap wrote in his hafidbit that his address was in case of domestic violence. If they are accused, they cannot lie. Aswarya filed a domestic violence lawsuit in October 2019. This is how Bay Shwarya Kavno did politics to Bayan Del Nikhi. Now Chanrika Rai Aga Kavan steps, nobody knew Nike. Tejpatap Hasanpur is connected but they do not need to win.


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