Bhojpuri Special: The Amazing Episode of Mahabhatar Babaji

M.Hali Logan was first known about Hawatar Babaji when Paramahansa Yogananda’s famous book “An Autobiography of a Yogi” (Hindi translation of Nan – “Yogi Kathamrit”) was published in 1946. This book has been translated into more than 50 languages. Paramahansa Zia wrote about Babaji, Ghere- “The mountains in the northern Himalayas around Badrinath are still sacred in the living presence of Guru Babaji of Lahiri Mahashi. Mrityunjay Babaji Aham ‘Avatar’ Hoon …. “Very few people know that Rajinikanth Mahabhata Babaji, the superstar of South Indian filming, also made an Ago film.

According to Paramahamsa Yogananda, the spiritual condition of Mahabhata Babaji did not come under the control of the power of human conjecture. There is a feeling that there is a spiritually divine vocal barrier. The glory of their glory could not be imagined. O even today on the path of spirituality, you should try to move forward with spirituality and you will try to help yourself. J Kehu, the famous, true devotee of Mahabhata Babaji, called from Unuka Jhira Sardha and got the blessings of Babaji. Paramahansa Yogananda writes that Mahabhattar Babaji himself, who formed the Gher Gher Sannyas Ashram, gave the scientific scientist Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya and the famous medieval saint Kabir and initiation. Ukuka Umi’s style from Acre is unpublished.

If you look at Saint Kabir, you can be considered as a saint of such a high standard. Writing about Paramahansa Babaji, Gherti- “Surrounding Badrinath, the mountains of the northern Himalayas became aware of the lively presence of Guru Babaji of Haju Lahiri Mahashaya (the great guru of Kriya Yoga, Shyamacharan Lahiri). E. Mahaguru, who lived in a secluded kingdom away from public life, has lived for many centuries, perhaps by his millennium. Mrityunjay Babaji before ‘Avatar’ Huan …. “Paramahamsa Yogananda wrote that the spiritual condition of Babaji in the Mahabhata is beyond human comprehension. Akar believes that Babaji is spiritually divine divine barrier. He could not even imagine his spiritual power.

Special for Bhojpuri Jayanti – The real leader of the whole generation of leader Logan – JP i.e. Joy Prakash NarayanLahiri Mahashatra Mahabhata Babaji’s nineteenth century disciple is of very high quality. After taking initiation from Babaji of Mahabhata, Lahiri Mahashi revived the deprived Kriya Yoga. This means that Babaji, the desi Mahabhata of Lahiri Mahasaya’s Kriya Yoga, became the divine medium of propagation all over the world. According to the “Autobiography of a Yogi”, Babaji was always in touch with Jesus Christ. People are sending vibrations for the liberation of the great saintly world. Paramahamsa Yogananda writes in one place that Babaji of the Mahabhata is ready for the spiritual method of “Kriya Yoga” Babaji on the day of salvation for the world. Mahabhatar Babaji is the body barrier, i.e. the physical barrier, the bodyless Jesus Christ. Now Rouva is thinking in her mind how she can live without body.

Answer We have three bodies. The gross body, the subtle body comes because of the body. Jesus Christ in the gross body, O his invisible way because the body above the body. I was inspired by the knowledge of the great sage Logan, the Cold War of faith, the dynasty, religious discrimination and extreme materialism against evil. Babaji was inspired by the modern age trends, especially the influence of Western culture and the healing of complexity and the spread of yoga and the knowledge of the soul evenly in the East and West countries and countries.

In his book on Babaji of Paramahansa Jit Mahabhata, interesting things should be written about Swami Kevalananda. Swami Kevalananda spent some time in the Himalayas with Mahabharata Babaji. And Paramahansa Zia said that Babaji, along with his disciple Logan, kept going from one place to another on the hill of Badrinath. In his small Muki Chila troupe, Du Go is the most advanced American disciple. After going somewhere, Babaji used to say – ‘Dera Danda to lift people’. Many people call it a tooth stick if they put their teeth before their teeth. That means I believe whoever arrives in the place of his own church, when they arrive in another place. O always be invisible from one place and do not use the method shown in another place. Cabo- Cabo Ogo Ago go to the other side on the top of the hill.

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Earlier, no one was identified as Ajigut Bati Babji Ki Bab Hola. Alag – Logan in different forms by different religions and Darsan de Chukal fence – Kabo beard – with fish, sometimes without beard – mustache. He doesn’t need food for a renewable body, so he can eat something. But when his disciple gave Logan a darsan, he ate pigeon-po fruits like chowder as a cosmic courtesy. Oh no less than half a teaspoon. Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in “A Yogi’s Autobiography” that Kevalananda emphasized on Ji Unuka that one day the people of Rati Khan Babaji were going through a huge flame in the interest of the Chati Vedic house.

Suddenly, Babaji of Mahabhata picked up the fire wood and came out of the fire and lighted it lightly on the shoulder of a disciple. Ohhh lahiri sir stay lazy too, unuka comes out of his mouth – “this cruel guru.” Babaji used to say – “Because of your previous deeds, if the disciple becomes a full-fledged Rakhi, will the expenditure be very good?” I say that Babaji put his hand on the shoulder of his disciple and said, “Tonight we will be saved from Tohra’s painful death.” Jarla felt all the pain from the fire and the work of labor was over. About Mahabhata’s Babaji, Daya Mata, a very high-disciple of Paramahamsa Yogananda Zia, wrote in her book “One Love” (Love Only) that Ova used to live in Mahabhata’s Babaji’s cave a few kilometers away from Dwarhat (district – Almora, Uttarakhand). So on the night of Lauat’s return, Dak Dak stayed in the bungalow for eight days.

Babaji’s Jarsan Darsan of Mahabhata writes about Ohija meditating during Vil Okra – Ore raat ke hum suti na pavni. It was here that we realized that suddenly the whole house was ablaze with golden light. Once again the light turned bright blue, once I felt the presence of Babaji’s favorite Babaji. One Beri Babaji said- Our daughter, one thing to know is that in order to find Hamra, the fans in Hamra Cave in Logan did not need Ayla. When J Keho believed in Hamra, we fell in love with Hamra with deep devotion to Hamra and we must love Okar’s Jabba.

Ask Goddess Mother Unuka the form of God Rau. Lahiri is called Mahasaya’s Yogavattar, Unukar’s disciple Swami Shrutiteshwar Ji is known as Gyanbhata, Paramahamsa is known as Yogananda’s Premavatar Babaji of Mahabhata said that his form is divine love. Babaji of Mahabhata says that the mercy of the mother goddess was full of divine love. It is believed that God himself took them in his daughter’s arms and gave them to them. The Mahabharata was propagated through the incoming organization of Babaji’s education – the Yogda Sattang Society of India. Ehija Kriya initiation arrangement. Ago Eh has a panoramic ashram on the banks of the Ganges in Dakshineswar, Calcutta. Jakara is interested in the ashram oh eh ashram. Come, be interested in spirituality, do not think in front of the gate of the ashram. Og Road Ke Aga Jolly Everyone should not feel pressured towards spirituality. It’s like this


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