Bhojpuri Special: Random bull ladder monk

Author: Saroj Kumar

Radan ki raila, sannyasin ki mela, road gali charhan ki sab ki-hai means the stairs of heaven. In language, understand Vadas, interrupt the family, Benares. Another name for Kashi is Varanasi. However, Jawan Ross is not in Banaras, nor in Varanasi. Now say that Varanasi itself is not Benares bye. But there is juice in Varanasi, Varuna in Varanasi, there is only water to come, it is dirty now. The present situation of the country should not be hidden from anyone. Nevertheless, Varanasi was discussed. Take the juice of Benares.

Banaras means where there is juice. That means even after the city of Varanasi was bad I was a city teacher then. Ishrani’s gestures are enough. Like Banaras, due to degradation, the same people also do their extinction. Free rescue is marked here. But ‘Rad Sir Ladar Sannyasin’, save them from these things. This means that freedom cannot be fulfilled in Kashi. All three from Tirlok, welcome to Kashi, Baba Bishwanath’s favorite city.

Now about Varanasi. Varanasi has its own meaning. The city is bordered by the Varuna River and the Deccan River. Milo Gayle after going to the Hein Duno River. The land between Asi, Varuna and Ganga means complete Shivling. This is the real Varanasi i.e. Kashi. The distance between Varuna and Asi is two and a half miles and the Kashi area is five kos. In Kashi, the Panchkoshi Parikrama has such a glory that people from all over the world go to Kashi for this purpose visit Padam Purana The very sacred Gabal Goyal of Dune river. The river Varuna originates from the pool at Phulpur in Prayagraj district and enters the Ganges near the Sarai estuary in Benares. It is said in the Puranas about the Assi river that when Durga Mata, a demon named Shubh-nishumbha, was confronted with her sword, she was coughing. Where the current of water falls outside Talwar Gir and Asi river. Asi Jahan meets Ganga, there is Asi Ghat. The people of Banarasi call it Bolavelan and Ashi Ghat. Tuli Das Ramcharit Manas’s composition is due to the creation of Kailan in Aussi Ghat. Ganga-Varun-Aussie. Kasi is isolated from the whole world. The story of King Harishchandra is known. After the complete recitation of Bishwamitra’s Dan Kili, Harishchandra found refuge in Kashi. Dombha khan masan ki kehli ke rahle ki khuli. Harishchandra Ghat named after him is also here.

Kashi is the land of religion, spirituality and great people. Ganga-Jamuni culture. Vaishnava on one side and Shaiva on the other. Devotion is also knowledge. Tulsi Das, Mira Bai on one side and Kabir Das and Buddha on the other. Raja Harishchandra, Bharatendu Harishchandra also called him the father of Hindi. Jayashankar of Kamayani, Bismillah Khan of Shehnai, Godai Maharaj of Tabla, Girija Devi of Kishan Maharaj and Thumri, how many names should be counted, all of them should add a piece of bread to each other, which one?

As the proverb goes, Shankara lives in Kashi Nuri Nuri. Now Jahan Shankar rides on Onkar. Every street in Kashi should be free. Radun, Sanayasin of Muktachakra can also be full. In the Puranas, Likhal How – opened the door of Sarga directly from Kashi Marle. But Kabir Das Aisan is reluctant to swallow the dead Magha’s skin, where Marley will face hell directly. ‘Sakal Janam Shivpuri Gaya, Marat Bar Magar Ko Dhai’. Kabir Das was a great scholar, but he was also a bastard. I think everyone will get a chance from here, then God’s grace? What does whole life worship mean? ‘Joe Kabira Kashi Tajait Ramaye Kavan Nihora. ‘Just Tint Hour, Yulin, Rich Gilen Maghhar.

But the ascetic is not ready to swallow the cough. There is a saying, where Shiva is a monk. Monasteries around the world and monks all over the world. Reaching the banks of the Ganges in the morning, monks can be seen everywhere. Hayan has also confirmed a total of 6 ghats in Banaras. This ghat is not in Kaun town. Ghatai is not just a monastery. Temples in every house, temples in every street and corner, temples on the right and left. In the famous temple Baba Bishwanath, Sankatmochan, Durgaji, Kaler Bhairab, Sankatha Ji, Trilong Swami and Mrityunjay Mahadev.

All the temples on one side, the temple of liberation on the other. Maniknika means Manikarnika Ghat, from where the door of liberation was opened. The only age in the whole world is said to be in Kashi. See Kashi next to Maniknikika. The Kashi Karwat temple was visited. But in reality the temple is in its place, the whole Kashi has turned. The whole story of Kashi Kartav was later written by Kashi in such a place, so much of the story that he did not fly away.

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Who is Omar’s account in Os Banaras? Here is all the forest science from young to old. Banarasi means fun. Food, lifestyle, clothing, dialect, dialect, everything is Banarasi. Benarsi Kachaidi, Benarsi Jalebi, Benarsi Samosa-Lavanglata, Benarsi Chat, Banarasi Ghat, Banarasi Pan, Banarasi Lagra Mango, Banarasi Sari, Banarasi Gali, Banarasi Gali, Banarasi Lasi, Banarasi Bhangi-Frosty and Banarasi. Take a look at the original Banarasi colors to see the Gulin Tak of Hoy Takka Mahal and the streets on the banks of the Ganges. Whether Modi is Trump or not, everyone in Banarasi is continuing his deception. Do not melt in the face of two rupees. If it’s cannabis, Goel asks, just a minute and a half to dispose of it all.

Bahri Alang V Howe, Ganga Oh Par Reti Maidan for settlement here. Burn the deaf alangai in the original Banarasi Nigota. Bahri Alang means at least two hours. Settlement, then Danda, then Ganga Nahan, Baba Darshan-pujan, Channan-choya, then Garam Kachaidi-Jalebi and finally Pan Shop Panchayat. Pan Jamil Gail was not right. ‘Abe chinaro ki kavan panule para aajke yatna’ If you drink jam goel then ‘wah guru maja a gail. It feels good today that Trump has forgotten the White House. ‘

A caveat – don’t get used to hearing offensive in love, it’s best to stay away from Banaras and Banarasi guru Logan. These Banarasi people keep themselves away from the earth. Not even greed or covetousness. Just every Mahadev and fun all day. It is not too late to send the mind to give the gift of the cloth in this happy moment. ‘A few khaya banarasai rahe’ khanti banarasira jiban-mantra ra benarasi tarati banaras na chhotana na (This article is the personal opinion of the author))


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