Bhojpuri Special: Ramlila of Dussehra – I know .. When did Veel Ramlila and its causes start?

Author: Bhuneshwar Sculptor

Dussehra Nirail BA In preparation for a Jahan Durga Puja, all the people gathered for the pilgrimage and Ramlila Jamaat were also busy in preparation. Everyone knows that Ramlila will be staged from dawn to dusk. This means recitation of Ramlila from Ekam in Anjuria in the month of Quar, whether the play was performed lasted for ten days and lasted for ten days. Drama Hokhela, biography of Lord Rama in Ramlila, acting, recitation, song, dance and music in Jawana. Ramlila has a special significance in rural areas.

Kulaha can be called together and it is the culture of ego drama, it is a ritual. People can read the text by playing Ramlila Mancha and they will be able to communicate with you. Some people sing the song Gavela on the stage, some people bring chaupai of Ramayana and sing and hum Dohar. Sangaye-sanghe harmonium dholak and uri jhal bajavela. The e-congregation also ran the Ocre department. In Ramlila, people have played the role of Karela V. According to Karela Okre, Okar clothes – also brought by Hokhela. Qualified people try OK in the revelation of clothes. One is the unique glittering dress of the Ore King-Maharaja and the other is the Ore, a simple dress for the common people. Jewel-Guria is also known for wearing these he can also learn from his people that poor man, rich man and little man is poor misery.

Like the beautiful gems of Pahirwal Jal of Ravana, Bhavisan, Dasaratha, Rani and Ravi Ravana, they are not gems of Sabri and Malahin. I can see that the crown is different from the first one. Not all crowns are worn. J Bad Hola, Raja Hola, Mantri Hola, Rani Holi Uhe people wear crowns. The crown was a huge difference. The weapons that were fought from Akra Sanhi Ram to Hanuman were Khube Banela, Tir, Dhanus, Tricas, Gada, Jawalin, Gandas, Danda and Qatar I remember collecting a lot of things in the District Ekra Sangha – Karina Javana Roll, Tushar Karla is made with Okra. Your people are also very Banela Thanela Jason Roll is Shin Okar Makeup. Many Logan’s flamboyant makeup hola and many Logan’s chicken-chicken hola. Ekra Sanghi Kajar, Liplali, hair, mustache and beard are very popular. Ramlila Kerr’s rehearsal is also being performed on Tetul is Mancha, a scene similar to Jisan Sin or Okre. Curtains designed in different ways like Raja’s Palace, Ravana, Forest, Ashoka Vatika and River. While the scene of Javanese was going on, the curtain was opened and for the sake of the screen, arrogance became a different person. Ramlila’s pile of relief was hurried, then the crowd was agitated. Now Logan’s attachment to color, whether it’s a means of entertainment… the crowd is overwhelming. Ten days later, on the tenth day, the idol of Ravana is also forged. The bamboo decoration made of paper made of flower books, oh fire in Fufa, there must have been something in every village, village or hamlet.

After all, since when did you come? He started in the Middle Ages with the help of meditation. In the Middle Ages, Hamani cultures came to the fore when the Bhakti movement ended. I praise Lord Rama and Krishna. At this time, the king got the people to build the temple. Ohija continued to worship God, Gavan sang the song and played the hokhe. His devotion, thoughts and songs have become the shrine of Gawanai.

If we have read about Hamni’s Vedas and Puranas in the Harivansh Purana, we have written about Leela dance. I saw the verse before ..

Tantra nattare tatra bhardato natastha.
Swapure Purbasin Paranarsha Samadatah ..
Ramayana is epic
Born in Vishnaramasya Rakshendradevapasaya
Lomapado Dasaratha: y Shashrunga Mahamunim.
Shantampayanayan Ganikabi: Sahanag ..
Ram Lakshman Shatrughna: Bharatsaiva Bharat.
Y shyashrungasata calm f and transformation: Please :.

One by one the character of Ramchaila got very little space. Tulsi Das’s hand started again.

Somehow, Kavano-Kavano scholars and villagers said that now Ramlila would be presented in the form of Jawan, Goswami Tulsidas Zia was in the hands of the people. People wrote the book Tulsi Das Ramcharitamanas at the same time to save the religion when the rule of Muslim rulers in the country was threatened by Hinduism. However, there is no written evidence anywhere. Today the people of Ramayana recite the words of the people and people of Okara Sunelan Okara. Ramlila Mancha should also be started as a biography of Ram in Akra Sanghe-Sangye. Ramlila was very staged though it is little known, Omari, Banaras, Chitrakuta and Ayodhya. After Oker, he woke up to Ramlila Hokhe. From the beginning of Ramlila, Bhojpuri language has been spoken in Ela Banaras, the people of Bhojpuri-speaking region are feeling heartbreaking in the future.


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