Bhojpuri special: Ram in public, Ram folk folk

J.B Supreme Court verdict behind Ayodhya Ram temple, end of temple building on 5th August, puja pass, Ram’s character Pheru came to people’s tongues. Isan, Jis Barkha, The hypocrite Ram comes to Hoksu in the house. E Kisan Connection or Ram’s Crown Pride in Folklore, Lachhuman Ki Patukwa (Dupatta) and Situr Sanu claim demand, There is a lot of love between Ram and his beloved

My Ram’s Vinje Muktba, Lachuman ki patukwa,
Mori Sita Vinej Senurbe Ram Ghare Prem

A berry fairy film of Ramayana’s Labtani on Doordarshan to make people happy. Manela has a lot of faith in the feet of Barhan Ram from the folk ram of my heart., Growing up from Jagi Aa Dhyana, the Mahatma of Ram-Guna Gaula or from the village was overwhelmed by the city, the metropolis, Durga Puja and the body of Dussehra in Ramlila. Ramlila in Ramnagar is very famous in Kashi, Like the Qazi of Mirzapur:

Leela Ramnagar is heavy, The name of Qazi Mirzapur!

In fact, Ram Biyapilan in Bhojpuri folk. One second in the hot fudge Radham RamHola take my last breath

Ram’s name is in my heart, No sir, No gala, Don’t get old!

Hardden Chiranvin Rahela E Ram Naam But Nu Marla Ka Bado Ihehan Kill Jal –Ram’s name is seven!Young Ram Ramal Badan, O Ram Mahabadiraj in the character of Raj Karewala, Ram Na Huvan

Ram Pujela of the lost wandering, Ro-kalpe, the separation of the throat with Ram’s lore bahavela. Kerwala Ram defeated all the Dattians including world hero Hovan Ravana. His savior Ram will save Ahalya. Ram eats Sabri’s hair. Dalit Nishad became friends with Nibivewala Ram. In every parani oh ohi Ram johela. But the name of Nu Gosain Zia:

Siyarammay all jagi, Karhu pranam jori jag jal.

With the same water, the devotee of Bharal-Pural Parani, Raydas Berry-Berry stayed in Goharwal-

Creator, You are sandalwood, We are water!

Creator, You are the lamp, We cane Sandalwood became hot without getting angry in the purple water, It is for this reason that Rama Rama Badan Rama came among the people without Na Wati and the people kept Rama in his paisal Rama. Rahlan Mangani Baba is the symbol of Ohi people. Tikka-fana fort on khanki jhor vo begging mangsu. Everyone went to the door and greeted him.

Ram Maidaiya, Four cones are full, Millions of curses!

The rhyme started with Rami at the beginning of his life, everyone in Ginigiri will be in Ram’s shadow. Wherever you need, People-circles surround all aspects. O Bhumi-jhumike lagasu-

Ram’s name is Laddu, Gopal’s name is Giva, Hari’s name is Missy, Ghori-Ghori Peev!

After I asked about Ferru- a living creature like Ramayana

Ramaya ki chiraya, Field in Rama, Eat plenty of stiffy stomach!

Mangni Baba Jawan Some Mangsu, At the feet of Rama. Jawan some kahsu, Contact Ramoy. They don’t have one, Be careful on an empty stomach. Oh my gosh No horses, Ashraf did not ask, Petzi’s expense Ramji’s foot wanted!To the Bhojpuri people, Mangani Baba Ramamoy Rahal or Okra Ginigi based Ram Guna Gaval Nav Ram was placed at the feet of Hirdaya Basvele;

Ram’s name is in my heart, No sir, No gala, Don’t get old!
Opposite name, Valmiki like a Brahmin.

Where being told DeadJapat-japat Dakit Balmiki Ramayana Rachi became my epic poet. Bhojpuria society has died, You too cannot escape with immortality. Okhi Ginigi is becoming a giator

To die, He has fulfilled his life.

Worship of Shakti Ramoji’s Ohri Kili Rahlon, When Ravana was fighting with him, Rama-Ravan’s general was uncertain.

Rama started worshiping the divine Shik Shakti at night. Flowers were given with each flower in the chariot of the goddess, However, less flowers came earlier. How many flowers can be lost at night with natural natureThe Paran Ram’s mind is in Gunabane that my Kosila Unukaar Rajiv Nayan Where do you live He must have lotus eyes. Think from the eyes and sacrifice devotion to the devil. To draw the sword in the interest, Suddenly Mai Bhagwati gave him the gift of victory.

Immortal composition of the supernatural Shaktipujo of Rama In the same senseStaying hungry, Javanese modern Ramcharitmanas Manal Jala. Oh, for Ram Devi!

Age seek seek seeker! Ram blessed Ram!
Bhagwati said holding Raghav’s hand
Ho Joy, Joy, O best man!
Say mother energy was absorbed in Rama’s body.

The tradition of Shakti-sadhana is still maintained on Navratri. When you hear the baby’s voice, the sound of crying, when the king of the house is heard, the deer may go astray., The children of Javanese were killed as a victim of Miriga Shab, Okre Sukwar Cham’s khanji. Don’t be Ramlila on the stage of Navratri, But Doordarshan must have seen Ramlila. Aju Dhanur Dhar Vanvasi Rame Lokmans Raju Raju Badan. Tulsi is also a father ParadiseOf The shot is equal Where are you going Around the world, Rachael-Basal Ram is dedicated to the public interest, while the existence of the universe was intact., People-based Indian culture is becoming similar among people., Ramadia is doing a lot.


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