Bhojpuri special: Likewa game Khelat Jawan’s song Gavelson Okar means or …

Author: Bhuneshwar Sculptor

Today, everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube. For them the virtual world has become everything. However, most of the people in the villages used to play the game in a traditional way. Ok oh so, Like we are all playing in the village of Khalkin. Ever since Lika Va Liki went to Daga-Dagi, the game of Oho has been played by Kygo. When people grew up, they played different games. The game is very important. Lichen’s body will grow faster than tamarind and its mind will grow …

Perhaps similarly, in Hamani’s culture, the way to license the fun of the game was exciting. Dilla used to play slow songs. Oh listen to the song of the Gita, I understand that you have a different world, In Javanese, they will also talk about their home-family, their society, their country and the world and the world. In this song from Ago Game, the old wall falls and the new girl gets up and talks. If you want to understand the meaning of this subject, the old sign means the old generation and the new generation means the new generation. Jav showed an acre in this song

Thought it must be Nimble, Stems
The old lady guerrilla, New anger awoke
Old man, Pick up the pot

The game has become such a simple structure that games of games and games have taught them. He has counted the ego songs, In the same hymn, people talk about the removal of the British government., Talk about running your government. They did not trust the British government , This song has been viewed —-

Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Seventy, Come on, Ninety, Hundreds
Thread hundred, The thief ran away
Broken house bird, Coon, Sucking
Maidan said Bhas
Walking down the street
Bo abusive bomb
I will speak English,
We will rule.

When it rained in the sky, the sky changed, Feel good, Rain digging is now that work, Oh ga lika sab kavno, I used to have fun in the backyard. Oh, the house is closed like a deaf man and people will talk about removing the okra. Not so, When it rained a lot, Due to the rain, the creatures are exhausted and their minds are overwhelmed, The people of the village are upset, and for the sake of Badri Phatar, Baharis kam ho ho khate u manush kheli aa gaan is also very gong. They got the idea that Aisin Kila Badri was going to stop at Fata. I’ve seen songs before —-

Annie, Woven apples, Chiria olol bajvale
Budhi Mai Hali – Hali Ganitha Uthale
Ani Aile Buni Aile , Pa gil lebania
Theory Dhudher Rauli Pasinia
Carriage web , Badri Parila Jala
Anda in the sieve , The clouds are broken, Clouds break ….

When people played sports, they would make fun of girls and even our bitter people would die. In my jokes, bitter people talk to Vauji and Gavela comes to the song. In the song of pride, people talk to Bhuji about his son Janmeve. He felt that son Hoi T when playing games with people. In this song, Sange – Sang Oriya Mai Khun Golapivata Manush. I have fun with all of this , Songs seen, —–

What are you doingThe Who feeds the brother-in-law?
Who are youThe Janmeev’s Lale Lale Betwa
How are youThe Who plays the bar
The lanes of the alley are broken, Babuya Ross Gail ………..

Old man, where are you going? The
Oil oil
Ka banibuThe
Hamro the day before
Hamro the day before

The previous words in the song Ahang Dosra speak to the great man., As signs, the weak are threatened with a catastrophe. I saw the Eisen Kigo incident in the rural society of Hamani. There are many bad thoughts in our society, Watched this song —-

Moine ke bacha chuchuhiya re
Dugo Jamun Girav
Kanchi Girib
Dugo Pakal falls ——-.

The words of Ahang Dosra are different, Seven, U apan ke balanti sathi, The rest of the wicked people mock Unukro. Seen in this song —

Moini is empty,
Get Bakulwa aunt
Mini has seven sons
Sato Wrestler
Moini Chali Utan
Bakula Merella Tan
Merela Tan ………

Apart from being alone, the lyricist in the song of pride is kind to animals and birds and creatures. They are very kind. Don’t think so much in our hearts, It’s about people as much. All the people in the fitting were caught, People are talking about Okra escaping. People talk about flying. See this song ……..

Hull fitia hull
To kill
Papara blood
Hull fitiya hull ……

Game Khejat Khani Kaigo Song Aisan Gawal Jal Jakra needs to be understood and you need by Okra. But, Now, because of technology, it should be removed from all sports. He needs everyone’s cooperation. (This article is the personal opinion of the author.)


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