Bhojpuri Special: I forgot about Viluar

Give it to meOctober is the English month regardless. One month of snowfall in the plains of northern India. Kubani will be carried in the air in the morning. It will take a day at night frosting that it will. It is known as Aisan in Gandan that is the home of the quarry to this day, Leather Logan’s happy month hole. Dry dela was made on the top of the shoes made of leather. It is believed that if the man in the well, Vinsar, did not take a bath, he would look good. Winter doesn’t come to so many people’s homes this month. People brave nineties. This month Siti suffered a lot, at night, in the open, in Suri, The bed is all wet. It is said that the effect of e-CT is complete, When he took a bath in Winsor. If you do not do this you will not be able to do it.

Now it has been going through the city from childhood to the beginning of youth, I have been going through my life whenever there is a quarter month. The story of the city-wheat is coming. Adhi and Avela are very happy and very busy, all the lost game games with the increase of light-cold in Subre-Sanji sector. Jenner’s field was empty and the jotile began. Twenty years ago this season, Giken began to gather at Ziken’s farm. Oh dear, the game was very popular this season. Golaua Cheka A Langua Cheka. Katana is now a youth and teenage farm in the Bhojpuri region of cricket, Jay Dunan should know about Chika. The first two teams were made up of two cheering bodies and a game of cunning. The two teams have an equal number of choices.

Cabo-Cabo Isano Mok came up with the idea that there should be more Leica after the team i.e. after scoring goals. Ideally, Unukka had no part in the sport. But the culture of the village is actually a culture of harmony. I agree with Bachle oh lyco Unuka guda va vanisa where their job was youth goal was weak in the game, Dahl with Anukar Now find out all about Golawa Chika. After the team i.e. the goal was scored, the ago circle i.e. the rounding was drawn to the ground. Golura is called Rahal Ha of Okra. Feru falls into the Duno Golan and is deaf while in Golura. When this decision was made, the Golura team was going, oh Golura, standing in a circle. A group from Bahra Bahra came to Khara. With Golur, the team had a feeling that no one came out.

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If Cavano plays double deaf, he is out of the game; The deaf wall group was annoyed that Barriari cleverly chased away the deaf members of a member of the Golar team. It’s a level of caution for the deaf team throughout Kosice that the Cavano members of the team with Golur don’t hit the paws of Apana God to Okra God. Eh marla ka thudi maral kahal rahal ha. If the goal is to beat the Cavano member of the team, the deaf person is beating the Cavano member, then the player will be a fool. In team play with Golur, always remember that Okur Duno God will not be deaf to Golur. The unity of the deaf-walled group remains that Kehu Tari Beriari, Dehun of the team, Godhani’s bird, committed a foul with Dhan-Kanchi’s bullet.

In this process, the people of the two groups hold each other’s strength and the people remain independent. If in this process, if the deaf team of all the members of the Golu team succeeds in removing the deaf, then every member of the Gouroi team will succeed in fouling Thudi Marri. This ferry was modified. This means that the team went to Golur and Bahri with Bahri. This is called the departure of Jitla. The young team won. Okra said about the so-and-so out-of-the-way. There are lots of things in this game. The team with Golur was selected for Ago Meth. Where r u The right to treatment has been released with the consent of the Dunan party. If the team decides to do two hands, the goal with one hand will be able to defeat the deaf baked team in the thigh.

There is controversy over this. The deaf group has complained that the soft one hand has proved to be deaf-ha-ha deaf. Oh the situation, Unuka Bahi will measure from the border of Golla to the place of Niklar. If more than a few hands are out of deafness, they are declared fouls. In Lomboua Chika, in front of the field, rectangular boundaries are being made. Oh, a round rectangular circle is about to form on both sides of the border. The ego team stays in the same rectangular circle around the field. Like a round circle in a circular circle. Dosaraki’s party had already gathered on one side of the width of the Ori. Okar felt that Kehuri was on the boundary around the rectangle, and Jamal Dosarki pushed the team around the boundary, entering the first rectangular enclosure of Barriari, and crossing the field from the second end of the Terra width zone.

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In the process, the blockade of the besieged party will not enable anyone to cross the border. In the process, the young members of the deaf group are able to surpass the first part of the width of the first part in whether they are brave or not. They should not be accepted. Now the team’s wins and losses, oh Chikit’s ferrule back, are at the cross of the first edge of the wide circle. The deaf team won when they reached UG. . Defeat is the defeat of the deaf team. Because of this, he often gets tired of the deaf team. J. Barrier Hokhe. Kabo-kabo poorly treated fani jat thahi Opposition party Anuka pudding makes one. Spit Marie Each party is defending itself from its own opposition. Karelio, his commander, like the army

Like Golawa Chikar, the team that was in the rounding ring had the right to spit. In Is Shin Lumbau Chika, the members of the circle of rectangular circles around also have the right to spit. AA Goloya Cheka to the deaf team, Bauri Bahri Bahal of the all-round team. In the Bhojpuri region, after the first kabaddi, the game of abusive Eisen stopped. Jawan is the most popular. But like this – you like to practice cricket. Cheeks, Dolha Pati, All is forgotten. Kabaddi has just taken a break from your existence. However, lichen health remains good wherever it goes. The strength of Unni’s body is unknown. It needs to come through the energy of health and once the game is over the ferrule can stay alive. (These are the personal opinions of the author.)


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