Bhojpuri Special: How the writing changes in the lives of Bhojpuri people in Bengal

Bhojpuri-speaking people have been working hard in Bengal for a living, but today education has changed the lives of a large section of Bhojpuri society. A glimpse of this successful journey of Bhojpuri society.

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PTwo and a half parts wrote that education system is essential for the development of the society. The development journey of the Bhojpuri society of Bengal in the last 50-60 years is clearly seen. Ohwar Bhojpuria said the young man from Walan’s family wrote that Chasak had a quarrel with Zahiya and felt that he had run away. He writes that no part of the family will wake up, but the part of the Bhojpuria society of Bengal is considered different. The new generation of Bhojpuri society in the eighties who migrated to Bengal from the Bengals in the 60s, from reading to writing, was in the Sina Tan period. It is said that Jacker should not be able to speak in front of his Bengali brother Logan, so that the child will now become very strong by reading and writing. .

First, you spoke in front of Bengali brother Logan, so that you have no courage, even in Hindi, you are able to go out. This bungalow did not speak to people from other communities in Bihar. His movement has improved a lot more than writing, but the Navak of Bhojpuri society has seen a lot of shock in everyone. In front of everyone, the Bhojpuria jawans wrote in front of each other and said that Taniko could not be stopped. At the same time, curtains were written from the top of the room to ensure that the influence of Bengali society should be considered above all else. One of the major reasons behind this is that with the introduction of education in the society, different ideas are seen. That is why the people of this society go ahead in every field with written education before independence. Oker’s results and the sound that these people will show even more in government employees.

The people of Asiya society are backward. For education, the society woke up before independence … but the biggest reason was the first Englishman, IK Basal in Calcutta. Even after becoming young, the Bengali brothers do not understand anything about their wounds. They make a living by astonishing their families and leave the family home and come to the workers in Ile Bihar, hundreds of miles away. Until now, Jayalak Bhai Logan’s entire focus was on income. On the other hand, your family should not be the only ones benefiting, or even thinking about writing your Bachchan study. Thus, the family of this kind of family should live in the village and keep it with them, everyone should focus on earning money. Earnings are not so much that the child will be able to pose well with Bachchan. At that time you read Bachchan’s stomach and realized that he had run away. But very few people were able to do it.

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Now, over the last thirty years, we have changed our condition with change. When all these Bihari Uho Bhojpuri workers went to the college of Laika Like School, it seems that they opened their mouths among the Bengalis. At first the Bengali brothers should not speak in front of Logan. It has been earned through education that Bhojpuri will also show its color. It is not easy for the first brothers not to speak their own language. But on the train bus, you have to speak from the mouth unknowingly, people should laugh. Whatever he says, he sits quietly. Bhojpuria Bhai and many more on both sides of the Hooghly River near Kolkata, Hooghly and twenty-four parganas have settled in the district. Chatrak from both sides of Hooghly river, Spinning and other factories have to be built. At A-A, all the staff of Chawlao Walan came from Bihar and the East.

Kabhu na kabun kohun ko kho ko jaan kalkata kakta hai go to kalkata so that the way train is coming. And the train did not carry the load of Bengali brother Logan. So the only solution is to keep quiet and go to Calcutta and finish your work and walk quietly. And what is the important thing, So that no one can hear the sun. All these illiterate people continue. But the children of all these illiterate workers understood their rights and the rules of the country properly because of their education and training. Get ready to stay in the UK alone. Syed must have remembered that his grandparents would be lost for many years. Who knows in the minds of the younger generation, when all kinds of fears are gone, now the path is over… the train bus… the college office, when you speak your language with your brother Logan

I’m not worried that I’m thinking about them myself. Interestingly, even the early society of Bengal soon realized that Rob Jadhal was no longer laughing at Padal Bachchan. But the things in the mind are not enough for salvation. From now on, these people whispered to themselves, “Read all these ketans but don’t go to the countryside.” Bengal lived at the beginning of Bihar. Bengali brothers, who spoke Hindi (except Marwaris), Bihari Bulavelan. The common dialect of Bhojpuri and UP Bihar said that everyone is Bihari in everyone’s eyes. If I say that we will say that UP is not one in Bihar, no matter the language or language spoken. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, From old age. Why do those elderly people want to be released for the sake of liberation?

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Except for Kasi, not everyone should be respected for their ‘Bihari’. They all keep talking to each other, talking about these things. Chatu means satuya eater. But because of education, how much Kehula will rise in the society and how much Okar Khan will eat… I will be honored to survive… Satua Acre is a great example for all. On a hot summer day, the brothers will be very ashamed of not having the satuya found on the sidewalk of their Bihari brother on the sidewalk. The brothers who used to eat cooked gram and jhalmudhi now eat gravy and also gram., Make it so in clothing and culture that Okhra should not be confused with anyone. But anyone who is open-minded because of education changes the part of society. In Bihar, Bihar and Purvanchali society, 30 to 40 years is a good example of change.


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