Bhojpuri Special: Bhojpuri connection of Kishore Da

YesThis journey is like a journey of beauty, no one knows, no one knows … With this song, her magical voice and unique style, this singer has reached the hearts of music lovers all over the world. That song is close to the truth of life. A singer means Kishore Kumar, Kishore Da. She is a female teenager who will leave the world on October 13, 1987 after a heart attack. Stay with Umir now. Only 58 years. Born 4 August 1929. 58 Cavano J is slightly larger. Oh, it’s her brother’s birthday. Brother thinks Ashok Kumar. Dadasa Munir Babua Abhas Kumar means Kishore Kumar’s song in celebration of his birthday. Let everyone know that Kishore Da Moody Haon, Manmoji Haon, the rest of Hetna Moody, Hetna Manmoji will not say goodbye. Then I heard the song for hours in the heart of the world again – ‘What is this journey of life, no one understands, no one knows …’

In addition to Hindi, the insane teenager has sung in a number of languages, including Hindi. Take your last time in Bhojpuri songs. I don’t know how Jadu Kailu, Mantra Dihalu Mar, Hum Ta Ho Gini Tohar, Savar Goria ‘Hey Bhai / All in all Nachawat Ram Gosain …’ Let the youth go in their own style, but in Bhojpuria mood. Kishore Da’s connection was not only with Bhojpuri songs, he was also from Bhojpuri region, he also came from Bihar, he was also with Bhojpuri people. Today we talked to Ahir about Kishore Da’s Bhojpuri connection. Kishore Da is an outstanding actor in Indian cinema and an amazing actor and an interesting person for his Hindi filming, the most evergreen Nagma Gawale Badan and also won the Filmfare Award for Best Singer eight times.

Bhojpuri Special- Singers become heroes, Bhojpuri movies are self-evident

His Amar Ho Chukal Hindi song listeners are aware of Badan but very few people know that there are many hit songs sung by Kishore Da in Bhojpuri films. However, songs in Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, etc. are sung. Kishore Da Apon’s style has not changed in Bhojpuri. Jisan, Kishore Da Apan’s style of Bhojpuri songs in Hindi and other languages ​​is also maintained. He ran in full bloom and style, Ehu Ja Baha Hai, Jawan Ki Bhojpuri Gaan Kishore Da Bhojpuri movie at that time, Gawat Rahlan Oh time was the golden time of Bhojpuri cinema. When the production of an immortal picture a song was extended. Kishore Da’s most famous Bhojpuri song from the movie Dhooti Maya – ‘Jaane Kisanson Jadu Kailu, Mantra Dihalu Mar, Hum Ta Ho Ginni Tohar, A Sanwar Goria’ was sung by Kunal Singh and Gauri Khurana. The film was released in 1981. The lyricist Lakshman is seen in the magic of Shahabadi and the musician Chitragupta. After that, the pair was making a splash in the Bhojpuri film world. Kishore Kumar Bhagwan Shankar can be seen in Bhojpuri as an alternative to his Hindi classical hit song ‘Joy Joy Shivshankar, Kant Laga Na Kankar’. He sang the song ‘Agad Bam Bam Bam Bol Bal Babuya’ in the Bhojpuri film ‘Bihari Babu’ of Shatrughan Sinha’s youth. Kishor Da Aisan Gave Rahlan, a hard-hitting song, was released in 1985. Chitragupta ji, the music of the song composed by Brajkishore Dubey

Kishore Da and Ashok Kumar’s Bihar connection
Kishore Da and his elder brother and Hindi film superstar Ashok Kumar alias Dada Muni Khandwa were born in Madhya Pradesh. He lived at his uncle’s house in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Kishore Da’s uncle Shanu Mukherjee was associated with the royal family and he lived with the whole family in Ahamanti called ‘Rajbati’ in Bhagalpur. Kishore Da and Ashok Kumar are spending their summer vacation with Aja Apan Mai. Kishore Da Aja went to Bagan and created a lot of general accounts. His brother-in-law Ashok Kumar’s father-in-law lives in Bhagalpur. He is married to his wife Shobha Chatterjee. There was love and affection between Fer Logan and later married in style.

Bhojpuri Special: When echoed in the Lok Sabhas Filmi Geet-Kavan Geet Lalu Ji Gawale and Kavan Geet Ravi Kishan

In this childhood, Kishore Da’s neh-relationship was associated with Bhojpuri. Ago movie in 1984 – Bansuria Baje Ganger Tir In this movie Kishore Da sings Aham Masti Bharal Gaan – Peer Dhotia, Malmal Ke Chholia, Mukhe Magiya Paan, I Ho Dada / Gorky, Patri Marlas Jaan… Dusharaka Chitragupta Kahal Jale Wal Sajal or this song. Kishore Da’s Aho Ori Bhojpuri song ‘Jais Badra Main Bijuria, Tohar Lachkela Kamaria, Hamra Ziara Machele Na’ was also a big hit. This song was released in the movie ‘Ganga Ke Tire Tire’. The film was released in 1986. Rajpati ji and Sangeet Chitragupta ji should have written Ohi Sal i.e. Aham-Sabi Nachbat Ram Gosain in 1986. What an amazing teenager you sang in this movie.

Jivan Darshan has written the music of Manas Mukherjee and the song of Pandit Vidya Sagar.

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Sadness, great sorrow in Ray Piritiya

The second song –

Oh brother, my dear brother, Nachawat Ram Gosain
The pain of adolescence intensified in this world.

A few and priceless songs in Kishore Da Rahe in the Bhojpuri part without isle. But somewhere? In Hindi, they got Ego Gaval arrogance song- Learn to cry, cry, laugh, cry, laugh, cry as much as a toy, this toy of Kishore Da. He walked silently, but the song was echoed by him, the music continued to resonate in the eternal sky until the sun became the moon. (Writer Manoj is an enthusiastic historian of Bhojpuri cinema))


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