Bhojpuri Special: A wonderful feature of Swami Vivekananda

TheAmiti Bami listened to Vivekananda. A thousand page ego book called Mangawale for reading from the Ego Library. An hour later, UO returned to the book library. The library in-charge (librarian) was surprised. Hey brother Swamiji? He was called Swamiji with respect to Swami Vivekananda. This article was also written about Swamiji Unukra. The man carrying the book was told, Swamiji, to read the book in an hour. The librarian said, “Hey brother, read Humhun Bani.” I studied for a month. When we read every day by dribbling. The next librarian of the book at Deposit reached Swamiji’s house. Swami Jith asked about the arrival of the librarian. The librarian expressed his curiosity.

Swamiji was surprised. Tell the librarian who I wonder? When Rawan Eh read the book, Hamra asked what happened. The librarian was hesitant to ask many questions. Swamiji said that there was a splash in the book and it was also a matter of explanation. It’s going to be shared. When the librarian returned to the country, Swamiji’s former school teacher went to see him. Traffic due to contact. The librarian told the school teacher about his surprise. The school teacher should say that Swamiji developed his qualities in Unuka when he was in school. Do Hundred – Reading a four-hundred-page book, playing ten minutes for Unuka. When you read the book of youth, they should always be engraved in their mind.

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Swamiji came in contact with his guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and talked to Guru Unuk with great interest about Un God. The deep breath of Narendra Swamiji’s house. Swamiji asked his guru – “Do you see God?” Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said- “Oh, see Bani. Like the gods, they have made me like the Torah. Swamiji asked- “Humhun dekhi sankheni?” The Guru used to say, “Look. But for the sake of Okha, teach me. Under the supervision of the Guru, Swamiji came to see God by strengthening the spiritual practice. They sheltered the barbaric people of the country.Srikrishna with the example of Bhagavad Gita said that the encirclement should be like this, take care of our soul and spirit, whoever you are, we can reach Okar.Ohi, purpose There are different religions with the same purpose: Holar’s love for religion, harmony and poor support of helplessness. Swamiji is proud of his country and Indianness.

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Even today his founding – the “Ramakrishna Monastery and Mission”, the “Vedanta Society” and the organization formed by Unuka devotee Logan – the “Vivekananda Committee” became fully active in America. Even in our own country, this total body is effectively interpreting the original Vedanta. The video of Vedanta Society’s husband Sarvapriyananda was viewed a lot on “YouTube”. Although Adi Shankaracharya initiated the interpretation of Vedic philosophy. However, Anuka died at the age of 32. Swami Ohi went ahead with the Vedanta tradition in front of him. Banval’s Vedan organization has become famous all over the world. It is said that Swami Vivekananda died at the age of 39. This is one of the best works in the world. Our common people do not believe that the stories of the Vedas and the world of pain will know. The Vedas are explained. The credit goes to Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda’s personality was very attractive. While giving a speech abroad, Ahom Mehru Kohlas said that Swamiji had spoken to Hamra. Swami Vivekananda used to say that Mehru Khalsi said that we did not want a boy. Then Swamiji used to say I am an ascetic, make yourself your own son. You are my great lover from Vilu, we are his sons. The problem was solved and Mehru became silent. In this case, the incident of Ahang Ari took place. Arrogant rich man – where did you go from work? Okra lived in Baithaka (today it is called Yavan’s drawing room). The rich-minded man believes in formless Brahman. Lots of ridicule of realized Brahma. Okar also pointed out to Swamiji that Swamiji should also worship the idol of his guru.

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It is ridiculous to worship a stone as a god. The circle of God in Moti? J Aisin Karela O Ajnaan or Swamiji Okar should be heard very quietly. A picture of a large man was hung on the back wall where O and Adimia were sitting. Swamiji asked, “What kind of picture is this?” Hey man, he’s my dad then Swamiji would say he opened the picture. The photographer should argue with the man that he spat on the acre. O man, it is lost. Kahalasi said Swamiji is crazy? How can we spit on my father’s picture? Swamiji used to say that Maharaj is not a father’s father. So man, the image of our father is like a tribute to our father.

Then Swamiji used to say that the devotees of the goddess would worship the stone or the idol of the stone as the goddess. The symbol of the father and the character of honor like this picture, be it the image of the stone or the symbol of God. After all, Udaval is ignorant or ridiculed. God binds particles and particles. I said hija gher and hija na n khan, ignorance. The man who argued bowed before Swamiji.


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