Bhojpuri song from Pawan Singh’s superhit film ‘Satya’ goes viral, Akshar Singh’s daring performance drives him crazy

Pawan Singh, Akshara Singh (Photo Grab – 7 Wave Music – Bhojpuri / YouTube Video)

Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh’s superhit Bhojpuri song (Superhit Bhojpuri Song) has got angry on social media.

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  • Latest version:October 21, 2020, 4:18 pm IST

Mumbai The duo of Bhojpuri movie superstar Pawan Singh and Rani Akshar Singh has ruled the industry for a long time. Even though the pair did not appear together now, their fans are still seen remembering the pair. This is why some of these two Bhojpuri songs (Bhojpuri songs) are seen trending on social media. Recently a similar video of Pawan and Akshara is going viral. Both dance and romance are like watching this song.

These Song The superhit film is Tani’s Fair Balam G Karwatiar. Although all the songs in this film are well liked, one of its songs ‘Satya’ is getting more love from the listeners. The romantic chemistry between the two is like watching the song. The song is sung by Indu Sonali. The wind and the characters in this song also gave a very brave scene. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to call this song their brave song. Watch the video of this song here-

Pawan Singh’s pairing with Akshar Singh has been the most liked, the picture or song in which the two were seen together is already considered a hit. Pawan Singh and Akshar Singh have not been seen since the break up but with many romantic videos Pawan Singh has proved that he is the romance king of the industry.


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