Bhojpuri: Magic in Akshar Singh’s voice again, ‘Nimia ke gachiya’ song made me angry

Akshar Singh describes this goddess song as a Navratri gift to Bhojpuri listeners (Photo courtesy: Video Grab – YouTube)

Akshar Singh (Akshar Singh) is also seen praising the goddess in the music video of ‘Nimia Ke Gachhia’ for the song Devi The song is lyrics by Manoj Minhi and music is directed by Abinash Jha Ghungro.

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New Delhi. Famous actress and singer of Bhojpuri films Akshara Singh Ka Devi’s song ‘Nimia Ke Gachhiya) has been released today (Wednesday) by Tips Tips Bhojpuri on her YouTube channel. This song is dedicated to the devotees of Navratri special goddess Maa, which is recorded in the beautiful voice of Akshar Singh. This is the first song of this Navratri character, which has started to go viral with the release.

Devi song video is going viral
Akshar Singh himself has been seen praising the goddess in the music video of ‘Nimia Ke Gachhia’ for the song Devi. The lyrics of this song are done by Manoj Minhi, the music is directed by Abinash Jha Ghungru. The PRO is Ranjan Sinha. The task manager is Rahul Rajat. Now this goddess song is going viral on social media with Jetty. The video for this song, released 7 hours ago, has been viewed more than 21,000 times so far. Also watch the video for this song …

Akshar Singh described this goddess song as a gift of Navratri to the Bhojpuri audience. He said, ‘Mother’s blessings and the love of my fans have given me so much in life. Every year, Mom comes for 9 days and blesses us. Also, takes away all suffering. Through this song, I remember my mother, because Kovid-19 (Kovid-19) has defeated the world this year. Mother asks Durga to do good for Jag. This song is presented in worship of the Goddess Mother. Hope everybody enjoys it.


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