Bhojpuri: Khesarilal’s song with Akshar Singh has gone viral, videos are being watched a lot

The video for this song has been viewed over 1 million times so far (Video Grab – YouTube)

This video of Khesari Lal Yadav is from a song ‘Satla Karejwa Pe’ from the 2015 Bhojpuri film ‘Hero No. 1’, in which Akshara Singh is seen with him. This song of Khesarilal is very popular on the internet.

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New Delhi. Popular Bhojpuri singer and actor Khesari Lal Yadav An old video is becoming very fast on social media. This video of Khesarilal is a ‘Satla Karejwa Pe’ song from the Bhojpuri film ‘Hero No. 1’, which was released in 2015 with Akshar Singh. This song of Khesarilal is very popular on the internet. In this song, Khesari Lal has given his own voice and supported Kalpana.

More than 100 million views
The video for the song, which was uploaded to YouTube by Web Music, has been viewed more than a million times so far. I tell you, Khesarilal has a very old relationship with ‘Litty Chokhar’. There was a time in his life when he had to sell ‘Litty Chokha’ in Delhi. Khesarilal will soon be seen in the Bhojpuri film ‘Litty Chokhe’. The director of this film will be Parag Patil. Kajal Raghavani will be seen in the lead role with Khesarilal in the film. Kajal and Khesarilal Yadav are a super hit couple in Bhojpuri cinema. Whenever these two come together, there is an explosion.

Kajal and Khesarilal’s Bhojpuri film ‘Litti Chokha’ will expose the exploitation of Dalits and backward castes in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Sources close to the film said that the film will try to eradicate discrimination in caste, religion and class, as the word litti choka is associated with the soil that is in every home.


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