Bhojpuri Junction: Wow! Ah study!

PerRoner has suffered the most in this crisis by teacher Lrican, the child is suffering from depression, the child is suffering from depression. B. A., Already Likikan’s latest smart phone will be evolving in the form of online education and it is understood that there are a lot of people out there., There is another way to cheat

In the land of mushrooms, as mushrooms ফিল Phil-Pasal হিসাবে as a gift of education.High fade dish Kahut Ihwan is exactly the same.Pumps and shows It is a specialty of the Institute in addition to the education it is available here., Missing the rest of the public Just just people from different categories and special people, people of the world, women and women are here.

Seeing the poor people lost their lives in Lalasan, they were also in the discussion in the past., No Hindi who. Natija Hola – Dhobi’s trainer, No house, No ghat! Busta’s heavy burden and life of kissing breath saved their hands on their natural leaves just three feet away from the bus at the foot of their bathing seat.

I am the first Wow studyNow Ah study Becoming a public school master, However, the owner has two sons in his hands. The master of this government school is Badan Malamal., But the education situation is bad and destructive. An oriental education is dominated by mafias, On the other side of the test, the rest of the experiment is ongoing.The

First of all, Kehu studied in Sarkaria School., Poor. When the public school is out of sight, the master of tuition-coaching concentrates on reading the empty school. Oh Ghari, the youngest of the least winged teachers., Tawan Azur professors have no luck. Weiss Dugo Pandiji Hamra Mantle Po Aju still danced.

The first Pandini was – Headmaster P. Ram Prasad Pandey, Zakar to Hamen Ki Barka Pandiji Jahan Rani. He will be his headmaster in the primary school of Dalchapara village. He used to stay in his Ohi school. At the inauguration, Jhari-Bahri school premises from Lalika Ann-One to Katikai Ohi were cleaned.

Badka Pandji studied every subject in his mother tongue Bhojpuri so that it was clearly explained that U lessons are not the level of Feru Kabo Bhor., Tuition expenses will be deducted on holidays., Every year, Kavano-na-Kavano gets a lyric stipend. In the last episode, he did not hand over his body to the students.

Interest in education is on the rise. Larken’s colleagues do not provide any assistance to Pandji Ichikio, and stay up one night for the sake of study. Fe Fellowship is not available. Study sports, The garden, Cultural program, Drama, Poetry All the light held her tight.

There was a result that he tried every time, All the development of Lrican has been from time to time. For one reason they have to be educated about the value of their lives. Many families have to be educated for three generations. They have to be so bitter in the administration that they will not be able to polish before the lyric. Manlar Ken Baris on the bus, he is playing with his left hand B Baker Keho Ka Majal J Apna Larkikar Pitila

It was Ago in middle school and Panditji in his junior high school Pandit Jagannath Pandey., To become an English teacher in Revathi, he had to read English lessons., The Kavano story related to the text was first narrated in Bhojpuri. Oh oh I have no problem using the text., The sound of the Bhojpuri zone of Ideas, You have to memorize their lessons foolishly. They should master the story, so don’t let Aisen extinguish their foreign language education.

Oh, it is easy for them to do that is not enough but when linguists proved that dayal education through mother tongue was more effective., So oh, the price of education is coming in groups. Our ancestors The book teaches Indian culture and culture in sports., Sand continues to extinguish illegal uses in everyday life.

Then Hi hi‘,’Good morning ‘,’Good night And Hello uncle No., Lessons are being given to salute and lessons are being given in wine, The heart in life, Math Aath Haath – The three of them are bowing their heads together from Sarada Oh Oh, there is a store of information in mind to build a successful robot, The goal should be to make the ego a better person. Bapari teacher of education, Through the work-see-through of the education system, the burden of the pressure-stricken buttonhole under the burden of the bag,Unsolicited on the tongue Let’s talkWow study! Ah study!


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