Bhojpuri Junction: Want to be like Nitish’s lamp, like Gher’s lamp?

To acceptAfter the election campaign at 8.30 pm, the JPA leader Janesar Paswan reached the circuit house. After getting out of the car, you can see that Bandar Chair Gajdhar Mehta has a big circle. Mehta Jit is a shameless leader of JDU. Paranam-pati Vili TS Janesar Kahle, God Shwar Kairani Gajdhar Bhaiya, Auni Tani washes her hands and face, Mehta Musail of Gaja in the north, Kahle Ahe Ehije Chah Khosa Jai, Hamhun Thakle Bani. The order was placed. After a while, Janesar Isle and Kursi breathed their last with Dhamma. Recent news from Duno Primitive. Gajdhar Mehta Kahle, Janesar, Taher leader Chirag Paswan, due to the loss, Aisin Adwat Tejswi nor Nitish Jit. Protesting the election, new things are not seen, but Chirag has crossed all boundaries. Say Nitish GP’s Alcohol Mafia Pisa Leve Chirag’s allegation, empty cheek bajila ka ho ho, Kavano Proof? Is Chirag MP, he wants to understand and talk? Chirag also talks about seven plans. Janesar Gajdhar Mehta Anraj Enclosure understood, leave in the interest of the matter, I want to leave everything.

Want to keep a lamp like Nitish’s lamp?
Gajdhar Mehta turned on the TV at Chaha Isle. The controversy continues in the news. Unlike Nitish Kumar, Chirag’s statement has received media attention. Anchor’s political question, Porfacher Chowdhury said, Chirag Paswan proved that he wanted to fight against Sirif Uhe Nitish Kumar in Bihar. Just like Nitish’s choice. Chirag wants a lot of space. He wanted to build a fence instead of a policy by bypassing Tejaswi. The lamp, like a stunning, excited petal enclosure. Nitish Kumar is a Bachelor of Accounting Chirago Engineering. In the interest of creating his own image among the people, Chirag, Nitish Kumar has blamed PS Bads-Bads Rachel’s circle. In this case, he also went out of the fire. In fact, Chirag made a pitch for the 2020 election. Batting poker pasena bahar was in the body for five years. In the next election, Nitish Kumar is 75 years old. Oh, when did the question come after Nitish? It is impossible for some people in this politics to present this lamp claim. Chirag has adopted Nitish’s policy of thinking and understanding. The news is over. The first 25 Geo MLAs won the election. Is it so easy for Kapatani of Bihar?

After the policy?Jenner Paswan was educated at Presidency College, Calcutta. Speaking of danger, after seeing Gajdhar Mehta, he would say, Janesar, look brother, one day all the king’s throne is gone. Nitish Jit had to declare the end of the innings. This question is now sixteen, is it the throne after Nitish G? The BJP was certainly a big party but did not face anyone in North Bihar. Why should the BJP’s policy of winning the captaincy be played today? When the BJP’s Kavno Kheyalari Aga Na Ahen Lalsu-Sarai Raj’s past stood in the way of Hermes Stunning. Twenty-five years ago the people of RJD were angry, they did not forget. What is going on in court against Tejashabi? The decision of the court came from Kehu Naik Janata. Nitish needed a poor, literary and hardworking leader to answer. Oh time, the importance of the lamp increased. Janessa said quietly that Gazaghar Mehta would say, the dream must be seen, but only during the day. For Pradeep, you dreamed the day of the trip. Why is the LJP barrier now? Will you go Did the leaders of Bidak Wal Party become the Chief Minister in five years? Extension fence

Who should not get the dream of a less prominent leader?
Janesar Paswan is in a good mood. Gajdhar Mehta’s question, brother, how is the experienced primitive talking? Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ……….. Don’t you see the seven dreamers of Nitish G’s big dream? Hey folks, folks say nitsho g failed. 310 piece khara kili rahin nitish jit sate go jital rahan. Should he give up politics? After a decade of politics, Nitish GM became the Chief Minister by opposing Lalu Zia. Today the people of JDU are smiling at the light of the lamp. Time is of the essence. Called today. Nitish ji, if Lalu does not become the Chief Minister of the country without chasing Jit? On behalf of Aga Veer, Nitish Shoji, who had politics with Kunta Gad in 1994, unlike Lalu Zia, left him and became a new party. Nitish Ji, who left with Lalu Zia, he is right, now there is Chirag betrayal against Nitish Zia. Oh dear! Right- liar! If you want to get a different situation today, there are problems around. In 2020, LJP’s Kavno Vailu Naik would not be happy without TT JDU people. Gajdhar Mehta said, after the election, from Wanjla to Hawasar Janesar stick, extinguish how much water there was. Mehta ji will be aware of something and the mobile phone will ring tomorrow. JDU’s Kavno Barka is being called the leader. Call me Mehta Jit, put down the phone, let’s go after Janesar, Lihal Java, Fajire Hamra Ute. Duno walked down the primitive Uth’s dining hall.


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