Bhojpuri Junction: Unconditional Happiness: Don’t play your sorrow, play bad

AAs a happy week of the week he spent a lot of time on the human gill a. Because of all the resources, the best people are losing out. Where will you find the horns of the happy donkey? When poor tilak-dowry was piled up at the wedding of Raktu’s official maid, the snake took a lot of money for the striped viloton. Oh Dad, Dad! So much tilak-dheja, raktua father-in-law, kahanava rakhi? Wilotton slapped millions of hands for the sake of the boy;

Let’s see Raktua! Some mangbo or chilas came and some got lahlal. Thi nu kahl kyle bile – don’t ask for pearls, don’t beg! Day and night, Azura sang with the same thought that how many people can go to the palace in the happy family of Raktu? Viloton lost his job in his life and rushed to destroy Raktua. Viloton empty is not filled with man before. In Ajukalah village-Java, it is full of violots. Due to the sorrow and misery of such people, their misery is not seen.

Because of their pir, the fruit of this fruit has a happy feeling that it can be destroyed if it is lost. Even if you do not suffer any loss in life, you will still see the sorrow of your sorrow and see its sorrow. The adjective ‘kana’ is not very good from Ago Anki Outi Futi Gaila, but the two eyes of Bakir Dosra are called ‘Sur’ and the fun of teasing! This addiction is constantly growing in the village. Kehu Bahravansu deaf to Jangar Mishke, Nokri-chakri Keke du Pisa in the village of Le Aile, Gawai people washed their hands and went to Okra’s ass on the feet of Kavana Tari Okar.

How can Okar Jinigi be transformed into hell? If you do not play, play bad! At first, people are saddened by Dosra’s plight and the great gun of the mind is being considered. Then every person spreads his hands towards the pir of guilt and starts thinking – ‘Vaishnava jan te tene kahi ji pir parai hai!’ The rest are now dissatisfied with everyone’s happiness and dissatisfied with the carriage. The goddess-god is not for his own interest, but for the destruction of his partner. The way of trust is for our own sake, for the sake of gaining more wealth, for the sake of material happiness, for the sake of living today, it is going to be inedible for life – ‘Sabin Nachbat Artha Gosain! Rahal ha, the rest of the wealth will be extinguished at the end of the day.

‘Godhan-gajdhan-bajidhan, and Ratanandhan khan.
When I am satisfied, all resources are equal. . ‘

Yet where is the satisfaction now! Everyone is crazy or deer of splendor. But it is better to extinguish people than sea water! Lots of people there are taking deep immersions, dissatisfaction is going on and growing. The results were devastating and sad and people used to feel happy because of their Nilila condition, but now they have to face the grief of seeing more people’s condition and they started talking about it early in life.

The question is, are the villagers satisfied with the comfort and convenience of the village? First of all, in the absence of livelihood, the inner life has survived in a rage.

But now, despite the progress of life in TV, fridge, laptop, smart phone, electricity, palette-bed space, imaginary rooms and kiss-kiss food, the feeling of happiness on Kehu’s face is not right, it looks like Jingi GA Kavno from Jindadili. From village to job-employment, employment-father in the interest of city-city metropolis, o-village for every village, forget and forget. I think about the rest of the city, J dosra va bagalagiro think! These have all remained as formal ceremonies. No friendship with anyone, no hatred with anyone!

The people of the rest of the village are worried about their happiness. Who cares about Barbak Muale! Swami Vivekananda Zia’s Advaita Darshan e Manela, J Jagrat Biswa, All Ake Badan, Dosar Kehu Hai When we give sorrow to someone, we get sorrow ourselves, when we give happiness, we give our own happiness. For happiness, I share happiness and happiness. The question that arises from this is, when did the good people run away from Guy Batmaran, who were enjoying happiness? Rahul Sankratyayan’s words are clear – run, do not change the village! Transmission happiness pav is important to make it effective.


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