Bhojpuri Junction: Ten sons of ten

S / OAwareness about the special method of tej-tewah has also increased in the age of media. You have found your roots and social media in the expression of Okra. Sociologists around the world thus believe that the struggle for life in society is as little as possible, Wes-wes oo delete the pair-sori khojal suru key. There is a big reason at the root of Asmita’s war around the world. When the economic power of the world is no more. Economic domination was at the heart of every war. Examples of medieval Europe. The fight in Europe is not over now. Fighting continues now Czechoslovakia is divided into Czech and Slovak Yugoslavia Slovenia, Croatia is divided. The debate between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues. At its core is the struggle to establish your identity, to protect your self-esteem

We have a huge lack of Bhojpuri manaiyera. Where do you have to go to start talking, let me take it and shave. The matter began. You went to Europe in the presence of Tejbar. Bakir aham batia ki rahal ha in the best Assamese before. When the world can reach you from Amitabha Khojatia Humani’s Bhojpuria. Presenting a social media isan barrier stage, we should be chased by Hamani. Look at all, we have a lot of ‘Nimia Ke Dadi Mia’ on Shardiya Navratri. Hikora chavachekha on the beard of Goddess Maya Nimi. But I am very happy in my childhood. In the early three-four decades, Hidora Chaiti Devi Mia was engaged in Navratri with Nimia’s beard. Oh gari e geeti ghere rah raha ha ha .. Where is the chanting and chanting? Echoing this song of Om Gari Moiya Ke Nimia Ki Bardi Gada Shardi Navratri has provided a platform for social media marketing.

Then the Bhojpuri folk workers of Ajukalhur got behind the mystery. The social society of this period has always changed. That will change a lot. Bijuri Rani reached Bhojpuria region three-four decades ago. But the television brothers are not terrorists. House in Unuka Sangha, Do not interfere in the market of neonatal naval reform. It is like Shardiya Navratri on the day of Ison Shawn. The colors in the atmosphere continue to grow at once. Special fears remain in the environment. Especially farmers, Mehru Logan is a stockman. Stay these days, When cows and bulls are part of the Banahal family, Vin – Bachchu remains unmarried. Oh in the interest of protection, people are painting from pigs to protect the cow-guru. The carrier thread is placed around the calf’s neck. So that Kavno doesn’t look bad. In the same way little Bachchan also put a special thread on his neck and wrist. Waist stick when broken. This may change.

The Mai-Mai people used to put a bright work in their eyes before leaving the Bachchawan’s house. Kajar Laval is playing in Chhota Bachchan’s short film. Worship of Goddess Maiya is going on. Mai-maiya, every day the people of Bhagwati Maiya come under water. People said after coming. Oh Bhagwati Mai, Hammer hair, Put it right. Nowadays kids might want to come. E chaka ka hola should be spread to children. Masala thinks Lavang ang, Cardamom Cinnamon Oh, put before the water. The work of the mill was done in Furoa. In the holy water of Aa Feru Okra. He went to the goddess Maia. Water should not be used in Chahi Puja as the ego will subdue other things. Durga Mai’s eyes have been open since the sixth day of Navratri. In the middle of every two-four villages, there was a lot of enthusiasm for Laika-Laiki Logan at the Dussehra fair. Enthusiasm The children go to the fair and go to Girahi district.

People are happy to puff. First of all, meet the donkey in the face of the lick. Later when ceramic pallets were found on the islands. Name the palette Bhojpuri Manai Chatte. The children do this in the interest of eating pellets at the fair. The left, however, is considered too old. Which makes the stomach upset. Paletta khiye ke mok bachcha log ke koi maiya sanye mela ghumla main bhai mai sanjaye. O people, continue to lay down your arms in front of them. But you have to watch Babu Babu-Babu Sangha Mela, the child has become the first to shout at the demands of the children. Raise both hands on the mailway. Oh, keep the craze out of the fence. .Jacker line kept going. Oker has some freedom. O people, your people are going to the music companion fair. For the same reason, they were with the same person’s preferences. Nine-Matakko was fighting in the fair .. but I didn’t like Hamni that Kehu’s love has reached the end.

Mai-babu, There is a fear of human terror from uncles and neighbors that in this case the courage of the angry people will be answered. But Ego Kahout was very popular among the Gharaikans. Ten sons of ten, Ego son Bhuvara. Ramji’s tenth banil gher. Ten days pass in Navratri. Hundreds of people said. The scientific reason behind the atmosphere of fear in Wes Navratri needs to be avoided. Our comprehension is associated with joy as a result. In fact Navratri came after the rain. Sardi apan dastak dihali sur koi delete de rest is hot. The grass submerged in the water of this giris spread to new ends. Many cow bacteria have been found in grass grass. Oh, there is a disease of scabs in the mouths of cattle. When he was young, he took the animal away. From the cold weather of the same season, Bachchan’s cough and fever went into pneumonia. Bachchan’s diphtheria and measles attacks are caused by bacteria that spread in the weather.

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People realized that there was a fascination with divine teachings behind all this. Due to some unintentional illiteracy, the Mehros believed that these were all magical influences. For this reason, there will be a trend of kajar a karia thread. But culturally wise people believe that Navratri, The temple-temple environment continues to purify the atmosphere. Harmful bacteria present in the air tend to die. Worship of the goddess on Navratri symbolizes the killing of demons., Clean and destroy disease-causing bacteria from Hawan. There was a lot of love in the Bhojpuri region as a child. Now, grow up in Accra. Then Pandiji, a devotee who recites Durga Saptashati, goes to the shrine in a blank yellow cloth with a full circle in his hand. People are reciting there, but people are that pier dhoti, Pierre Ganji, Kanhaya pier hot. The person who will recite the whole Navratri will disguise himself as Logan.

People read karla in Delhi-Mumbai. Pujo Bitter Lau. The rest of the color is Syed Lukela. However, every year whenever Shardiya Navratra is opened. Where are the ten sons of Dashen? Yadi Abesla Dussehra Mela. Oh weeping petals and oil filtering, Madal Telahiya district in molasses juice.


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