Bhojpuri Junction: Sweet during the festival season

PDuring the festival of raab, sweet m ne sweet and our demand is increasing. The Kauno Parab Hokhe or Puja lesson is given to the god of Logan as a sweet dish, the brothers also eat a lot of gosht and eat with Ao Wala Wal Khimavela at home on this day. The relationship between festivals and sweets is very old. The narrators and priests in the Puranas repeated the sweetness, sweetness and worship of the goddess and told the story over and over again. This season, to feel sweet, Bedal Mann should make the journey in front of you students.

The first number in the festival is Navratri. We talked about the northern and eastern parts of the country. In the south and west, this season was the beginning of the Gana festival, and John fell in the month of Vado. There, Pardes of Badeskar Paschim in Maharashtra, Prasad of Gainesji, Modak Jalal Jala. One night in the month of Qura, after the patriarchy, the turn of Navratri comes. In the neighboring district of Benares and nearby Navratri, there are many old traditions of Goddess Durga Batasa Chad of Purvanchal Bisekar in UP, which are now in vogue. The source of Navratri has been told that JK will be able to give great encouragement to everyone, though Ladura is full of love.

There are customs in Bihar and Jharkhand of eastern Jais. However, in neighboring Pardes, Bengal and Orissa, the sweet chapati of the goddess is different. Earlier in Bengal, devotees brought khas sweet sands to Goddess Durga’s Chadve. Make your own sweets made from Sandesh Chhena and bring them to Bengal or Dosara instead of Bengali sweets. Look at this barfi or peda jison lagla but it was different because of the banana hola in Sabade. Barfi Peda was made from khoya.

Giri (male) gourd and cashew nut barfio are also available now but khoya is definitely available in Okro. In the first summer season, Dossar Pachim of UP in Kanpur was found in a mixture of poor and lau sweet sweets due to lack of milk at birth. Yes, Ihwan Khoya had an empty rose jamun in the name of Mitha. Now there is no shortage of milk yogurt in the summer due to the heat caused by the white revolution across the country. Now the topic of Bari Barfi at Bari Bari is characterless and the festive season is going on here. This is that in Bengal on the fifth day of Vijayadashami or Dasha, on the fifth day of Sharad Purnima, there was a pujal jala of beauty of Goddess Lachmi in Pandel, there was worship of Goddess Durga, Lachchi, Surasati, Gains and Kartik. The other day, it is customary for the goddess Lachmi to offer laddu of malarfik as a sacrifice. In the Bengali dialect, the molasses of glass coconut and the sugar-mad e laddu are called nadu.

For Jake, Logan, a Bihari brother from Bengal, also got saliva. Why would Karela be so tasty? Apart from Bengal, the whole nation, including Bihar and Purbanchal, worshiped Lord Vishnu on the autumn full moon and said that one night an amaranth came from the sky রাখ hang it with a wooden night bamboo and hang it in the open night sky and eat it the next day… in the city, It has become obsolete over time but many people in rural areas are doing it.

Now go ahead with the sweet money and go with the money. When talking about sweets, the first name of a Bengali should be kept in mind. Rasgulla, Chamcham from Sandes, Khirkadam and Lala Chua Dewala Wall Sweet from Rasmalai mouth, known as Janak Bangali. It’s a different matter that until a few days ago you had complete control over Rasgolla. Now that this controversy has subsided and because of all the thinness, it is believed that Rasgulla’s father is Bengali. There is no doubt that the message I want to make is sweet Bengali in China and Bengali.

The popular sweet mother of Bengalis made from creepy rasmalai le laga kauno chhena. Benares is famous for khoya sweets. Be it Gulab Jamun, Barfi, Longlet and Malpua… I don’t like the answer to Banaras in all these sweets. It is also an old sweet of Malpua and Langatta Bengal. Now it can be settled that I am going to stay in Bengal on Benares Island from Benares Oil. The thing that can be said is that Chhenar sweets are made from Bengal to Benares. Similarly, Khoj sweets from Banraj were served in Bengali.

What is the old relationship between Bengal and Banaras. In search of salvation, all the old men of Bengal, Lord Shiva of Kashi, stayed in the city. Now this style has been used extensively but today the people of Bengal have a fondness for Banaras. Apart from being educated, all the people of Bengal have come to Banaras and Prayagraj Islands and their granular waters in the interest of getting jobs. And when there is a similar relationship between the two places,

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Today, due to Marwari Logan, Bengal Bisekar Khoya has increased its sweetness and has become a mess in Kolkata. This hall is also in Banaras where the sweetness of the chicks is also incomparable. For the sake of the sweetness of Baluk Khoya, the sweet lime of the famous Banaras did not live in Bengal. In the world of fiction there is a memory of the famous writer Bedhab Banarasi. Keep writing in your article, you have to understand that there is a bad thing in front of the Banarasi thing, Okra was found in the same world as, not in the same class. According to his writings, Chhena Ke Melao Banaras was made from Bengali.

Yes, there are so many sweet places in the world that the Bengal Wall Bengali shop and the Benares Dosra place blended well, but they can be found again in the Bengali sweet shop even though there will be Jason in the world. If you look at the sweet pantuar of Bengal, it will take a lot of pink jamun jason, but Sabad is different. Pantua is made from Chena, Golwa Jamun from Khoya. And the methods of making food are the same. Make a small round loaf of chenna and khoya, add sugar to the ghee and add sugar to the syrup. Then play hot or chill. On the occasion of Durga Puja in Bengal, there was no way to stop patients with sugar after seeing the handicrafts of Bhuruka Bharal Pantua and Rasgulla. At this moment in the sweet season of the feast season. This national e-journey continued with Kano Dosra.


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