Bhojpuri Junction: Peace in the country and food in the stomach

AStress dogs at home are out of the ball loose. There was no tension with his pull; It echoes the Bhojpuri song with the election slogan of Bihar because Corona has spent as much as Jonah Baker Anji. The red paper is full of dawn magazines Lord Suraj. News of suicide similar to murder has become the best animal suicide in the universe. After all, the time has come, O Durga Mia.

How to beat a Torah? Laika Lahe cried? Cena wanted to cross over to Radhag? Why? How can we be sorry? Why is my grief? Enjoy your chance to write thu! There is opposition. Look at the evil in our goodies. Ketano did not work, nor did he praise. Our lives are condemning this act, OR aka Ja Guru Ji people, they are weak in the world. The rest of the chat is okay, leave it, it’s a political issue.

You are mine. You extinguish all hearts. Empty deaf, outward vocal or mai. There is nothing left inside. How are you? Here, after eating Bhujvo, Fandvo Tove emptied the empty Dimago on an empty stomach. The brain does nothing. Some people think I should ask Pandi Jit. I have to say that Rahu-Ketu moves to the right. Well, based on the horoscope, we need to talk about the planet. Hamra Tahi Coolie Rahu-Ketu Ukt Badan c. At the border Ahom Jawan Apan Deshwa Boundaria, Dragonwa, and. Enemies are roaming around as great friends of the country. Third OO, Jakera is the victim of every action, the negative man, OO. A. My correction of a master’s knowledge. Leave Tohra and go to the other crab. Ramo ji will stay with Tohra. With Kador’s blessing, he defeated Ravana’s heart. Worship the ninth form for the purpose of killing Ravana. Then you will be satisfied and bless their victorious leader. When Ramji, the greatest hero of the world, was worshiped by Tohra, he was extremely powerful.

With this encouragement, Lord Rama killed the terrorist Ravana and brought Ayodhya back to Lanka from Mother Sita. Due to this incident of killing of Ravana, on the last day of Durga Puja, the festival of Dussehra and the idol of Ravana, Manbala water as the victory over Mars over the evil of Jarwal Jal. However, Ravana is not yet married in today’s Kavano character as Ravana. He was a scholar, he was a character, and he was great. But what is Ravana? Durga Pujo, Leki’s Pujo Hola, Kanya Puja Hola, Mahila Shakti Puja Hola.

The rest of the scandal is known from Hatrash to Delhi. How do you know about the condition of girls in the country? ..Everyone will see my discomfort. We write poetry. Every year we burn a dead person Ravana, we steal eyes from the living Ravana, I have lost blood, let my fire burn, let it blossom like a flower, smell like a perfume, smile at Kunki! Very / Pandavas are still sitting / Women are still terrified / Kauravas are still ringing / O Keshab, let the woman come as Chandi / Blossom, sniff the fragrance, smile the buds, treat all diseases only with you.

Fighting is going on inside the country. The crisis of corona extending outwards is considered a crisis of humanity. The Torah worshiped the ninth form in this manner. Brings all kinds of care and saves the world. The salvation of humanity. The new forms of Maya are considered first – Mother Shailaputri (Goddess of Wealth), Second – Mother Brahmacharini (Goddess of restraint and separation), Third – Mother Chandraghanta (Goddess of liberation from misery), Fourth – Mother Kushmanda (Dosha) Liberation from God Goddess), Fifth – Mother Skandamata (Goddess of Happiness and Peace), Sixth – Mat Katyayani (Goddess of Freedom from Fear and Disease), Seventh – Mother Kalratri (Goddess Destroying Enemies), Eighth – Mother Mahagauri (Goddess of Supernatural Power), Ninth – Mother Siddhidatri (Goddess with Siddhi).

There is no problem during Mai Ho Ram Zia. Do something. Do something. There is peace in the world and there is no food in the stomach. So many SS, heal everyone, no matter who the country is, free the mercy of the world. Ordinary people are hungry for Muata. Everyone has roti on the plate and he doesn’t have eyes in his eyes, just pray during Navratri.

Now he slapped the back of the abdomen. Tohra is a great lion. We will put our ex-lion in front of the world – to save the identity of the flower of the thorns around, the mind of the ten kavno puti na ravane jaraoye. (Writer Manoj is a devoted Bhojpuri poet and film critic.)


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