Bhojpuri Junction: Obscene songs and Bhojpuri identity, cultural consciousness needed for Jagway-Jogebar

ASandan Tiwari was delighted to announce the announcement of the Sangeet Natak Academy The Deon’s Youth Award. The distorted thought of singing sandalwood filled the previous air with a pleasant feeling of fresh air. Sharda Sinha’s glorious tradition has left Vindhyabasini Devi Kavno Kar-Kosar Naikhi at the top of the road in Tihya. Maithili Tagore, Manisha Srivastava, Kachu and Hunarmond are the new generation of artists and their singers, singers and songwriters have to take on the role of saying that the same mural has reached a beating in the jail, and there is a lot of competition with the cheap reputation of the high pavement next to it.

Bhojpuri has a lot of folk music, a lot of tradition and great tradition. There was a lot of excitement in Bhojpuri songs in Logan, in the middle of the sand and abroad, and in the language of Balniharno. Now every day fame is reaching new heights. Bhojpuri films and songs and folk music of Jayat-Jagat are new witnesses. Mason Metropolis, Baluk Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, Trinidad, British Guiana, Holland, Netherlands, Nepal etc. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi have no zero territory at this time a new record is being set. Bring revolution from home, take farms, fields and battlefields from home — all worlds are equally famous.

Be it a revolutionary Logan in the freedom fighters’ famous’ Batohiya ‘song in the freedom struggle, Mahendra Misir’s melodious melodies resonate all over the stage and the resonance of Beheshet and the beggar Thakur’s Bhikshuk, Vijpuria Matir — Sonah-Sonah Gamak’s Rashal-Basal song became like a human song. The other side of the coin is that Ajukalah Bhojpuri song is synonymous with obscenity and vulgarity. With this respect, the respect and dignity of Bhojpuri is at stake. Bhojpuri film and cassette-CD company in the competition of Pisa Banway

Bhojpuri language-language singers, playing with language consciousness, many singers and singers Aju Badan, constantly singing obscene and insulting songs are polluting the environment. As a result, because of these few disgusting Logans, the Ganges continues to insult the Bhojpuri-Pak. First, lyricist Moti BA wrote seven Go Bhojpuri songs in the 1944 film Nadia Ke Par and entered the Hindi film of Bhojpuri lyrics. Oh, the popularity of the song is the decision of Bhojpuri cinema’s Dharmayan Dhilanlas. Singing in the voice of singer Sunniharan for the sake of Alachara. Mohammad Khalil Jason was immortalized in a song by radio composer Bholanath Gahmari’s ‘Sumirinle Sarada Bhabani, Pat Rakhi Mehrani’, ‘Kavana Khontay Lukilu Ahi Re Balam Chirai’. However, the cheap reputation of Ajir Begur Ilim in the crowd of Bhagirwan is very good. Some people have been seen committing obscenities and filth. The situation is that in Bhojpuri, there are a lot of songs with songs that Dugo remembers and it is very difficult in hotels, buses, trucks, tea gumti and Dokkan.

The owner of the cassette, CD company, has chosen a song with Aisan Fuhr-Patar A Dago Earth in the craze of cheap fame from the vocalist-singer of Bharal Gitan due to indecent and tampering. There are many kisses with Bhojpuri names on the CD of Bhojpuri songs. This is the popularity of Bhojpuri language songs in Bhojpuri language. This Bhojpuri song was released on foot. The songs of Magahi, Maithili, Angika, Bajjika are called Bhojpuri songs. Wes is a folk song and a conventional song is Kehu’s personal song. The Kabra group of Acre composed, especially the women’s group, sang more or less AK writing in every light. In Gawat Isle Bach the traditional song is sung by some of the siblings of the siblings.

The reality is that the song of the late lyricist Kavano, the song of Kavano neo lyricist was put on the CD. Most of the music companies were part of the lyricists of singer K de Daily S, Jawan’s Sajida. Singer Saj-Bajwalan’s Bakhra Ta Delen, Bakir’s lyricist Khushe Khuje Ka Jbalan. Hans, Chand Singer are the only exceptional Hoihan. The ninth song of the song is not mixed, not even pie. So this slander has come in your favor?

Today, we need to talk about the social boycott of porn-vocalists-singers-singers, magazines, social media and seminars-festivals, conferences, condemnation of Aisna Logan should be passed. Creative movement needed to continue against obscenity, Fuehr-Patar singing for Aisin Poyjan Ghori of the society When the singer, lyricist and musician did not go against the strong movement of Le Kamar Kashi, when the cultural consciousness of Le Bhojpuri was not propagated in Jagav-Jogav when Le was a healthy-class soul. -Gayaki’s awards did not go away, but Han-Marjad-Asmita of Bhojpuri literature-culture was at risk.


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