Bhojpuri Junction: Channi Bird Vosle Bhusa

Author: Saroj Kumar

VaThe price of agriculture was number one at night. Zaker has no farm and no agriculture, he who should not be respected in the society should be considered as poor. The guess of the man’s position should be linked to the increase of the forest with Durrani’s Channi and Channi, i.e. Channi should be considered rich at the Jakera Dua in the pair of bulls. I’m looking forward to extending my time to be tied up in their cottage, for the sake of the other bulls, to see how many marriages have taken place at the girl’s wedding. The proverb is said in Banarasi, “Bard bhusaul bhasa, jat-pat eko jvin”.

Which means the bulls are made in Jacques and the bhusle is full of bhusle, Okre is married here and there’s no need to find out if it needs to be known. Channi means where cattle have been tied up, and kunchi means where hay has been fed. In agriculture, tractors and must have a bud for the farmer before harvest time and keep the hay for the sake of the animal all year round. Farming of animals, males and nature. Proverb – Marrow farming.

Who has not spent any money on agriculture? Irrigation with corpses, dung manure, wells, wells and seed water. Today in English it is called Zero Cast Farming. But today’s situation is completely opposite. Now there is empty casting in agriculture, pizza has been played. Today, the plow of the tractor is 300 rupees bigha. Now everyone has a tract and not Bahi, Kera has caught Lei. Diesel has become so expensive that it has become so expensive that tractors have been sold, and now it is in agriculture. By the time the first 10-12 bahot lands were sown, people started working with the fifth bahot. However, crops are not grown without cultivating the land. Farming was done with the help of a big farm to cultivate a good farm, and for an empty tractor it is necessary to cultivate six acres of a bigha farm, 1800 rupees. After the oak, buying fertilizer from the market, buying seeds, then irrigating with pumpset-tubes, everyone wanted it in the washcloth. Any crop diseases – caught, spraying pesticides with crab purchases. Still, there is no guarantee that the crop should reach the house during cultivation. When the water is fully consumed.

When the rest of the machine was picked up, he also wanted to harvest. After this total harvest, the price of carrots is changed when the crop is sold. Part of the cost of getting out of spending is a matter of benefit. The government will announce MSP for buying Kisan crop in the uniform of home. However, the condition of MSP was that only six percent of the grain was bought in MSP. The rest depends on the moneylender.

Today’s agriculture is a real picture. The farmer was born in debt and died in debt. That is why in today’s age the new generation should run away from agriculture. India’s agriculture has been destroyed. This waste has been intentionally made for Goyal. At first, when the English were living here, the farm was destroyed directly by Killen and later by the AWTO. Our government is also a partner in the destruction of agriculture. Now in 1951, the contribution of agriculture to the country’s economy was 51 percent, but in 2011 it was 19 percent, then in 2012-201 it was 16.5 percent.

Tiger proverb – good farming moderate prohibition, poor job begging diagnosis. Sirmaur, however, continued his career in the young peasant society, now he is going into the abyss. The young bulls used to live in the arrogance of the dwarfs, now in their own place or in the cassava wind or u anna i.e. aura bani roaming carts, welded with onkar sticks and sticks.

India was a rural country. The first census in the country was conducted in 1901, leaving 11 percent of the city’s population empty. This means that 89 percent of the people live in villages and most of the people are dependent on agriculture. Forty years later, in 1951, percent of the country’s population depended on agriculture. However, in 2011 it came to 55 percent of the average. After 2019, Accra went to 42.39. Today, more than 34 percent of the city’s population. What can be done in the village if the loss of agriculture is reduced will not work for the new generation. The city did not run for the sake of the stomach.

Bhojpuri Junction: Maulana people do not speak, the page is open

First, leaving your village home will make you deaf and bring a bad name to society. Okay, consider it poor. Consider poor from Oahu, shop from a gem shop. However, the world has changed today, the market time. That means everything depends on the market. Nothing from the market is deaf. When there is plenty of market, it is now possible to fully prepare for the market. The Eisen-Eisen law ensured that the life of the farming-barricades was overflowing.

Like a government agency, first, the firm was weakened, the business of making losses, and then the interior house was sold for a few dollars at the price of its dab, and today it has to be cultivated. At first there was a loss of business, Kisan’s weakness and hatred and now it is the turn of the rest.

The farmer brother understands mathematics well. The farmer has evacuation arrangements and rescue arrangements. The cost of farming needs to be reduced. Plowing cannot be done with bulls or by law, and there will be plowing arrangements. This is not a good time for anyone. However, agriculture was not done with the exception of animals. The bull plow is not interested, but does other farming work. The bull has many cycles of cane crushing, the option for power generation revolves all day. Cow dung was mainly for cultivation. Farming should not be done without dung – dung is neem cake, and it is cultivated twice. This old formula of agriculture was heated again. Farmers were freed from debt and mergers when the farm was freed from market fertilizers and seeds. Land famine may have reached the unknown, but how much land a man wanted, read the story of the well-known Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. How much land does a person need? This story of Mahatma Gandhi was so good that it was translated into Gujarati.


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