Bhojpuri Chhath Song: The video of ‘Chhat Puja’ shot in London has gone viral

The video of the song is being seen a lot on social media.

This time, Kumar Sourav Sinha, Director and Content Head of Yasi Films Pvt.

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New Delhi. The great festival of public trust Chhat Puja (Chhat Puja) Great reverence is celebrated with devotion. The mother of the roof is worshiped by worshiping and adoring the offerings of the sun god during sunrise and sunset. The glory of the faith of the people of this great festival has reached Britain across seven seas. So this time Kumar Sourav Sinha, the director and content head of Yassi Films Pvt. Director Sourav Sinha has given a new identity to Bhojpuri on the world stage with this song. London’s Chhath Puja is the most expensive Chhath song of the year published from the official YouTube channel of Yassi Films and it has seen a lot since its release. This Chhath song is very touching and touching. The video features British actor Sammy Jonas Henny, who has worked in a variety of high-budget films such as Welcome to New York, High and Irian. Her upcoming Netflix film ‘The Girl on the Train’ starring Parineeti Chopra.

Many veteran artists have been seen in the song
At the same time, Sonam Nanwani is played by Sonam Nanwani, who has acted in several iconic Bollywood and Punjabi films like ‘Gold’ starring Akshay Kumar, ‘Namaste England’ starring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra and ‘Khido Khundi’. Has done. The song also features veteran actor Padam Singh, who has appeared in ‘Khaki’ and ‘Legendary Bhagat Singh’. Also seen in many Bhojpuri films. Notably, this time Kumar Sourav Sinha has directed the most expensive devotional music video. The roof festival is widely celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. Chhat Puja is the worship of Surya God and Shasvi Devi (Chhati Maya). Kumar Saurav said that Chhath Puja connects us to our roots. It is one of the eco-friendly religious festivals that spreads the message of nature conservation. On the day of Chhath Pujo, all the devotees, without any distinction of caste, creed or social status, gather on the banks of the river Ganges and make offerings to the sun god.

He said that the sixth puja in London is an attempt to try to figure out how Indians living in England celebrate it. It shows how a British husband adopts the culture of his Indian wife and celebrates Chhath Puja. This video will unify different cultures and bring the two countries closer. “We always try to create content that conveys a social message,” said Abhay Sinha, producer of Yassi Films. Let me tell you that after working on several big film projects in Hollywood and a few big films like American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Disney, Kumar Sourav Sinha is now all set to revolutionize the Bhojpuri film world. He has worked with Bhojpuri superstars like Pawan Singh, Itesh Pandey. A few months ago, he shot the most expensive music video of Bhojpuri in Dubai and now the song Chhath Puja from London has brought an international song from Yassi Films to YouTube. It is composed by Govinda Ojha and Pankaj Tiwari. The song features the sweet voice of Anvesa who is known for big movies like ‘Golmaal Returns’ and ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Pao’. There is also a nice message written at the end of this video.


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