Bhaskar Movie Premiere: Gangubai Kathiawadi Expects Cute Alia’s Cruel Character, Luxury Set and Bigger Box Office Expectation Than Life Film

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  • The shooting of the film was stopped due to Corona, the set worth Rs 15 crore also had to be broken

It’s hard to think of Alia Bhatt, who looks cunning in the role of the dangerous lady Don. Ganguly Kathiyawadi is played by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. If Alia has done a wonderful job, she will be at a new height of success, no doubt about it.

There are many films that were ready for one year but could not be released due to Kovid, but Gangubai Kathiawadi is a film that could not be shot on time due to Kovid.

Sanjay Leela Vonsali and Alia Bhatt themselves were also victims of Corona. There was also a long lockdown later. Meaning, theatrical release of the film on July 30 is now impossible.

Good script, syntilizing sets, strong character, superhit music are the trademark elements of Sanjay Leela Vonsali. Ali has a huge fan base of his own. Although the film was released late, it has a good chance of success.

There is no question about Alia’s talent

Renowned film critic Jayaprakash Chowkse in an interview with Daily Bhaskar said – Jolly LLB-2 has a dialogue with Sourav Shukla that after ‘Summary’, Mahesh Bhatt had one great contribution in the film world and that is Alia Bhatt. And this is absolutely true.

Alia is a versatile actor. He can play any role very well. In Alia, Madhubala, Suchitra Sen and Mala Sinha all have intercourse. Looking at Alia’s talent, it can be said that he will play this character brilliantly.

Expect to set a record of success

What will the film do at the box office? About it, producer and trade analyst Girish Johar says – Alia’s star quality is extraordinary. The story of the female mafia is coming many days later. The teaser of the film raises hopes about the story and the acting. This film will set a record for success.

Gangubai played the role of Alia Gangubai in Kathiawadi and the film is based on the life of the real Gangubai.

Gangubai played the role of Alia Gangubai in Kathiawadi and the film is based on the life of the real Gangubai.

Stories of crime, deceit, power and love

Gangubai Kathiawali S. Based on Hussain Zaidi’s book ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’. A girl named Gangubai Harjivan Das from Kathiawar, Gujarat, fled to Mumbai at the age of 16 with her father’s accountant.

She once dreamed of becoming a film actress, but her husband cheated on her. Where it was sold for only 500 rupees. Gangubai was raped by Karim Lala’s gang members. Gangubai went to Karim Lala for justice and tied rakhi to him.

From then on, Gangubai became Mafia Queen with Karim Lala. Gangubai later did a lot of work for the welfare of sex workers by running a room in Kamatipura.

Kamatipura has set 15 crore rupees

A large set of rooms at Kamatipura was built in Film City. It cost Rs 15 crore, but Sanjay Leela Vansali and Alia were also affected by the corona. The lockdown also lasted a long time. The rent was rising, so the set was broken.

Alia Bhatt in a scene from the film

Alia Bhatt in a scene from the film

All preparations were set for the character.

Actress and film director Seema Pahwa has also played the role of Kothowali in the film. Seema told Daily Bhaskar that she did not go to any brothel to know the tone of the sex worker’s conversation. All the preparations for the character were done in sets. Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself took command of this preparation.

Alia works hard to become Don

It is said that before Alia, Priyanka Chopra, Rani Mukherjee and Deepika Padukone were also offered the role. Casting director Shruti Mahajan told Daily Bhaskar that all the casting from the movie lead is his. But he refused to tell the story behind the casting.

Sources close to the film say that Alia is well aware that this could be a milestone in her career. He has worked very hard for this character and however Sanjay Leela Vonsali is a tough task master.

Shabana Azmi in a scene from the movie Godmother.

Shabana Azmi in a scene from the movie Godmother.

Trying to figure out the romantic doll

Alia has done 12 pictures in 9 years in her career. In Student of the Year, she was a romantic puppet like the common heroine of Hindi films, but later she played various roles in Highway, Udta Punjab, Rayaji, Priyo Zindegi and albeit alley alley.

A challenge comparison with Shabana and Supriya Pathak

Shabana Ajmer’s Godmother is considered a milestone in the role of Lady Dawn in Hindi films. It was based on the character of Santoshben Jadeja of Gujarat. At the same time, Sanjay Leela played the role of Supriya Pathak Lady Dawn in Vansali’s Ram-Leela.

Vidya Balan played the role of a prostitute in ‘Begumjan’. In Alia’s generation, Shraddha Kapoor has played the role of a female mafia in Hasina Parker, but Alia may face comparisons with Shabana and Supriya Pathak.

Coincidence of Alia, Shabana and mother-daughter

Shabana Ajmer’s mother Shawkat Kaifi has played the role of Kotha driver Khanum Jan in Rekha’s ‘Umrao Jaan’. A few years later when Umrao Jaan was remade, Rekha was played by Shwarya Rai and Khanum Jaan was played by Shabana Azmi.

Shabana Azmi as a woman was running a prostitute in Mandi, Bengal. Soni Rajdan was his co-actress in the role of sex worker in the same film. Now Soni’s daughter Alia Gangubai is playing the role of Kathiawali as a sex worker.

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