Bhaskar Interview: National Search ‘Chailam Sir’ Uday Mahesh first played the role of Dipan, shooting was only 3 days out of 90 days

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The popularity of ‘Chellam Sir’ aka Uday Mahesh, who turned from ‘The Family Man 2’ into a national search, has also reached the corridors of the Hindi glamor world. Alam Hall is just a few days away from release and has received offers for four Hindi films and a web show. Daily Bhaskar has spoken to him. Here are the key parts-

  • How did the role of Chellam Sir come about?

Glossy- Credit Casting Director Mukesh Chabbar. Although he had auditioned for Dipan before. After that there was no call for two months. Then he said – there’s one more role, he’d like to do since I saw the first season of the show. So, I was looking forward to joining it. I knew I only had four scenes on the show. Yet I said yes to it. We never thought this character would become so popular.

  • Why do you think it has become so popular?

Glossy- I have no answer for this. I went somewhere else when a friend of mine sent me memes. I think the important events on which Chellalam Sir helped Srikanth Tiwari were relevant to the audience.

  • Which is your favorite meme?

Glossy- In which Chellam Sir was called the new Google search, it is. He was quite funny.

  • Eight years ago you did ‘Madras Cafe’. Why didn’t you do more Hindi films after that?

Glossy- I was originally the director of Reuters. I was casting southern actors at Madras Cafe. The shooting was in Cochin. Shujit Sirkar said – do a short scene. I said – if I can do a scene with John Abraham, I will. Acting there again. In fact, even before ‘Madras Cafe’, I had advertised with Shujit Syria. We also became good friends. After ‘Madras Cafe’ I started acting in full. Before ‘The Family Man 2’, I did ‘A Sirius Man’ with Nawaz.

  • How many offers have you received since ‘The Family Man 2’?

Glossy- I can say three or four. Talks are underway with their creators. I will share with you if signed. I didn’t even think that just three to four days of shooting and four scenes would get so much popularity. The shooting of the whole show was for 90 days.

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