Bharti Singh’s problem escalates, drug supply arrested; Two and a half kg of cannabis has been seized

Bharati Singh and his father Harsh Limbachia.

Famous comedian Bharati Singh and her husband Harsh are going to have trouble in Limbachia. The NCB has arrested the drug dealer. It is learned that the drug peddler was supplying cannabis to comedian Bharati Singh as well as her husband.

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  • Latest version:November 26, 2020, 11:59 am IST

Mumbai Famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia have been granted bail in a drug case. However, their difficulties are increasing. The Bureau of Narcotics Control in Mumbai has taken big steps. The NCB has arrested the drug dealer. It is learned that the drug addict was supplying cannabis to her husband along with comedian Bharti Singh.

According to NCB sources, the arrested drug dealers are under intensive investigation. Some more celebrities are likely to be named on the small screen in drug cases after his arrest. The Bollywood connection of this paddler is also being investigated. NCB officials seized 1.5 kg of cannabis from the drug trade. The drug driver provides each complementary drug. It also accepts payments through Paytm, Google Pay. Thus, transactions in his bank account are also being investigated.

On the other hand, the NCB team arrested two drug dealers Nawab Sheikh and Faruk Chowdhury. 32.9 grams of MD drugs and 10 bots of LSD were seized from both the parties. Surprisingly, Nawab Sheikh is a taxi driver in Mumbai. She owns a flat in a luxurious apartment in Mumbai Central called ‘Nathani Heights’.

According to NCB sources, Nawab Sheikh, who lives in crores of flats, was driving a taxi. He was supplying medicines to many famous people of Bollywood. NCB officials raided his home late Wednesday night. MD Farooq Chowdhury Chowdhury came to deliver the consignment of medicines. He was also arrested. Both are under investigation.


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