Bharatwanshi in US election: Johran Mamdani, son of Salam Bombay-based Mira Nair, won the New York State Assembly seat, the first South Asian

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Filmmaker Mira Nair’s son made history in the US election. Johran Mamdani is the first South Asian to achieve this feat, winning a seat in the New York State Legislature. Johran was elected unopposed to represent New York’s 3rd Legislative Assembly district Austria (Queens’ neighbor).

Mamdani tweeted Joy
Mamdani tweeted about his victory. “We have officially announced that we have won,” they wrote. I’m going to Albany to collect taxes for the rich, to heal the sick, to settle the poor, and to socialize New York. But I can’t do it alone. To win socialism we need a larger movement of the multinational working class. So let’s create one.

Johran was born in Kampala, Uganda, and his family moved to New York at the age of seven, where he grew up.

Mamdani is also a social worker
Mamdani (26) is a rapper and housing consultant. He has created a rap video Granny. Madhur Jafri has acted in it. As housing counselors they help evicted people. He has the support of the Left Wing Democratic Party and the Democratic Socialist Alliance. They run a campaign called ‘Roti and Rose’ to provide affordable housing to the people. Under this, the landlords of big corporations and the oppressed people are assisted.

When he started his campaign last year, many advised Mamdani to reveal his roots. But he did something different and took a turn by promoting the popular democratic socialist slogan of bread and roses as ‘bread and roses’.

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