Bhabhi ji was injured in a fire at the house of the famous majestic Tandon across the house

Actress Soumya Tandon’s house has caught fire in the role of Anita Bhavi in ​​the most famous comedy show ‘Bhabi Ji Bari Par Hai’ of End TV. Soumya himself tweeted about the incident to his fans through his Twitter handle. It is a matter of relief that a minor injury has just occurred in this accident.

Saumya posted a picture of the accident and wrote, ‘My house is on fire. Three things were learned from this accident. First, never place a mosquito killing machine on the switch board near the bed. Especially when the liquid runs out. Second, keep in mind that the plug connection should never be lost. And the third is that fire extinguishers should be used. They should be purchased and kept running.


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