Before the bail hearing, Riya’s lawyer Satish Mansinde said that Riya did not name anyone in the drug case, all the claims of NCB were false.

A month ago

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The only topic of discussion since the revelation of the drug angle in Sushant’s case is that Riya revealed the names of Bollywood’s biggest stars to the NCB during interrogation. Those who use drugs. However, Rear’s lawyer Satish Mansinde has denied the matter. Satish said that Riya had mentioned someone’s name in the drug case. All the claims of NCB are false.

The NCB went to Pakistan and arrested him

According to CNN News 18, Satish said that if the NCB claims that Rhea reveals the names, it is a lie. Riya did not take any name before NCB. Satish added that the NCB should go to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal to catch drug addicts. They say the NCB has so far investigated, they could not relate it to Riya Chakraborty.

The NCB is calling for concentration

Satish claimed that the Bureau of Narcotics Control had not found any evidence of any wrongdoing towards Rear. The NCB has no evidence to link Riya to the drug syndicate. During the discussion, Satish said that Riya only stayed at Sushant’s house, so he cannot be blamed. Bollywood actors are being called upon to draw attention to the era of this epidemic.


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