Before Ayushman Khurana, Varun Dhawa was given to Andhadhun, Radhika Apte sat in Dharna to be a part of the movie.

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Amit Karna, Mumbai16 days ago

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The movie Andhadhun, released on 5 October 2018, was widely acclaimed by the people. The film starring Ayushman Khurana, Radhika Apte and yet was the highest grossing film in the overseas market in 2018. On the special occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the film, the producer of the film Sanjay Rautray shared some interesting things related to it.

Regarding the film, the producer said, ‘Our film was the highest grossing film in the overseas market in 2018. We made it on a budget of less than Rs 20 crore, including fees for artists, etc. It had a collection of Rs 72 to 74 crore at the Indian box office. It has done 200 million trades from overseas circuits in European, Gulf and American countries. In China alone, its box office collection is over Rs 340 crore.

Still acting in his serial character while making comedy films

‘Yet at first he was on the ship. At that time he was shooting Rohit Sethi’s ‘Golmaal Again’ in Hyderabad. It was a comedy film. Here she had to play the role of a woman supporting the killer. So despite being in a different state of mind, he himself signed the film there.

Radhika Apte sat in dharna for this movie

Radhika Apte had earlier worked with Sriram Raghawan in Badlapur. From then on he took the promise that Raghavan would do more, he would have to be part of that project. When he found out about ‘Andhadhun’, he came to the office and sat in a dharna so that he should be taken in the picture. Radhika is as talented as she is from Pune. He also has the picture in the morning urban area of ​​Pune.

Varun Dhawan was offered the film

Before Ayushman, the film went to Varun Dhawan but could not stay with him on the issue of dates. When Ayushman found out, he sent a message to Raghavan that he was ready to give an audition for this film. Despite being a star, his gestures were quite acclaimed. He gave blood to sweat in this picture. She prepared her character’s skin for 10 to 12 hours continuously for six months.

Ayushman took 6 months training for this film

Although Ayushman made a schedule of nine months, he gave it six months with utmost respect. Sign language learned. Without looking at the kitchen, where to put the goods in the drawing room, he was quite prepared. He himself is a musician, so he also gave a lot of time to play the piano. Amit Trivedi’s notes used to come earlier. Ayushman Riaz was used on them so that the note did not match. Because if the wise man looks at their screen it doesn’t seem like the notes are anything else, but this person is playing something else.

Bought the rights to the short film for Rs 50 lakh

Sriram Raghavan got the idea from a French short film. He then created a different world of ‘blindness’ over him. The story, the characters, the screenplay, the background were all different, but Raghavan took Rs 50 lakh from the producer of this French short film. He later made this film. Even our studios told him it wasn’t necessary. However, Raghavan said that since he got the idea from that French short film, his conscience would not allow him to make a movie without his rights.

Raghawan also acted among the crew members

Raghawan has acted in various scenes in one of his scenes. Assistant director, makeup artist, associate director and writers are also shown in many scenes in a situation where a group of people are living behind the scenes. “We shot the last scene in Poland,” the director said. Because we wanted the charm of the Old World. Also, the line producer there was familiar to us.


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