BB14: Now Arshi Khan is targeting Sadha Jan Kumar Sanu and says- ‘I only apologize in Marathi’

Arshi Khan says that if John Kumar really wants to apologize, he has to learn Marathi (Photo courtesy: Instagram @arsikofficial)

Arshi Khan is currently shooting Marathi music and he is proud to work on it.

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  • Latest version:November 3, 2020, 5:16 p.m. IST

New Delhi. The actress started her career with ‘Bigg Boss 11’ Arshi Khan ‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestant Jan Kumar is not satisfied with Sanu’s apology. In one episode of the show, John Kumar made a wrong comment in Marathi, although John Kumar publicly apologized for the Bigg Boss’s instructions on the show. Arshi Khan is currently shooting Marathi music and he is proud to work on it.

What does the mirror say?
Arshi Khan said, ‘I am doing a Marathi song for the first time and I am very excited about it. In fact, I am enjoying the look of a traditional Marathi woman. He is enjoying meeting and speaking in Marathi. I am lucky to have been born in India, where there are many different cultures. Each is different and distinct and I want to learn every language.

Sorry in Marathi, Jan Kumar Sanu

Talking about ‘Bigg Boss’, Arshi Khan said that John Kumar Sanu had insulted the Marathi language in the show and apologizing for it would not work. They have to speak Marathi and Marathi itself has to apologize. He said, ‘John Kumar should apologize for speaking in Marathi. I think Bigg Boss is a Hindi show but most people also speak English.

Learn Marathi Sanu
Arshi Khan further said, ‘Marathi is a language like Urdu, Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil and many more. It’s respect otherwise, to avoid responding to it and if I stay on the show and I speak Marathi and get annoyed. If he really apologizes, he should learn Marathi and be sorry in Marathi.


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