Bappi Lahiri said- once Balasubramaniam could learn the song he would learn, Lalit Pandit said- he was the only person who beat Kishore Kumar

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  • Bappi Lahiri says once Balasubrahmanyam learned the song, he used to learn, Lalit Pandit said that he was the only person to defeat Kishore Kumar

Amit Karna and Umesh UpadhyayA month ago

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Renowned playback singer SP Balasubrahmanya has died at the age of 74 on Friday. For the past month and a half, he was admitted to a hospital in Chennai where he was being treated for corona. In her 50-year singing career, Bala has worked with many Bollywood music directors and singers. Some of them shared some stories related to him with the daily sculptor.

Lalit Pandit: SP Balu G was the only person who hit Kishore Kumar

The lyricist composer Lalit Pandit shared his memories of Balu and said, ‘SP G was a very talented singer. His record is incredible. He was a very talented person. In ‘Sagar’, one can match Kishore Kumar with his fun, but he was the only Balu Subramaniam am ‘Eun Hai Gate Raho’ song featuring Ishi Kapoor and Kamal Hasan. Baluji hit Kishore Kumar hard. Bali’s memory and perception were a few miles ahead of his contemporaries. He listened to and memorized any song twice and sang everywhere.

According to Lalit, he used to write songs in public. In our career, nothing has happened to any singer except Jatin-Lalit, Balu Jit. That is to record the whole song of a film in one day. The film was ‘Vade-intent’. It had five songs and he requested that he return from Madras on the morning flight and return from Wali at night. We wondered how five songs a day would be recorded. So he said he would cancel the return flight if the job was not satisfactory.

Composer duo Jatin-Lalit's Lalit Pandit.

Composer duo Jatin-Lalit’s Lalit Pandit.

He added, ‘Believe me, he recorded the whole song without eating anything that day and then left. Baluji was in the same situation as Lata Didi Sur’s husband. We usually miss singers after a lot of rehearsals. That’s why nine singers who worked with us have won Filmfare Awards. However, it had nothing to do with Balu Zia. He was such an expert. It took two and a half hours to get from the airport to the studio center. Even after adding that time, Balu Ji recorded the song of the whole film in one day.

‘His voice never seemed to go down. When he was sure, he would bring an expression during the song to bring some romance to this interior or face. He would mark the songs written on the rest of the paper. Then he would sing. Have fun if necessary. Like Lata Zia, his tendency was also absolutely perfect. The way Lata G puts the perfect note, which comes out perfectly, is the same situation with SP Balu Zia.

‘It must have been that his accent had to be handled, because the South Indian accent would come. If he sang thousands of songs in the South, that tune must have remained. It was bound to happen. ‘

Ram-Laxman: The whole team was new at the time of ‘I fell in love’, so SP Baluji’s voice was heard over Salman

Recalling Balu, lyricist Ram-Lakshman said, “Salman, Bhagyashree, Suraj Barjatya ji and I were all new during ‘I fell in love’.” There were new teams. So we also wanted innovation in song and music. Lata Zia must have had an experienced voice in singing. By then Rafi Sahab was dead, Kishore Da was not there and I don’t like the singers of that time except Baluji. Because just a few days ago, Baluji’s voice was liked in ‘Ek Duje Ke Lai’. It was also a romantic movie. The songs that Laxmikant-Pyrelal Ji sang from Balu ji were hits. Baluji was then called for his composition. We wanted a voice that could stand in front of Didi. ‘

‘Lata Zia had no objection. Because Baluji was popular in the south, he was also the voice of Kamal Hasan in Hindi. Balu ji used to play South Indian tunes in Hindi. However, during the recording, he would run away from Riaz. Whenever we sang a song together with him and Salman, our hero was Balu Ji.

Lakshman i.e. Ram-Lakshman Vijay Patil of the two composers.

Lakshman i.e. Ram-Lakshman Vijay Patil of the two composers.

‘I spoke to him five or six months ago. He asked about my health. I lost the hero of my song. We took 25 pictures together. I always had his voice in Salman’s songs in my pictures. ‘We are together’ has certainly left us together. Because it wasn’t a single hero movie. There were three heroes. The genre of the photo was different. There again we have taken Hariharan etc. Later in ‘Hundred Days’, his voice matched that of Jackie Shroff. So there was no quarrel with Salman. ‘

Whenever he came from Madras to the Bombay Film Laboratory, his voice would melt the freshness in the whole environment. SP Balu Geo was also popular during ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’, but he again fell in love with ‘Ke’.

Bappi Lahiri: Once you told Balasubramaniam, you would learn

Bappi Lahiri shared, ‘I have done a lot of work in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu with SP Balasubrahmanyamoni. There was a picture – there was a song from ‘Insaf Ki Awaaz’ – if you do, do it. He sang it with Lata Mangeshkar. After that, she sang Dewani-Dewani… Diwana Tera Ho Gaya ছবিতে with Lata Mangeshkar in the film ‘Prothom Prem Chithi’. That’s how we did a lot of work together. He was one of the legends of the world. Once you say the song, you learn it, they don’t have to say it again. Such a pious artist is rare. It was a huge loss for us. Mr. Balasubrahmanya was of cheerful nature and very good nature. May his soul rest in peace. ‘

Bappi Laheri

Bappi Laheri

Rajeshwari Laxmikant: Dad called her to sing.

I sang with Uncle Balu in Yeh Raju Yeh Baba… (film – same mistake). He was very supportive. My father Laxmikant Balu told Uncle to do some songs from the heart and he would sing it in Rajeshwari too. He explained to me in such a simple way that I could easily understand. He sang the whole song so easily that on-spot could follow him. Well, when he would come from Chennai to Mumbai for recording, Dad would definitely invite him to dinner.

‘Whenever my father went to Chennai, he used to go to his house. Dad said I would call him 15 minutes earlier in the recording studio. They didn’t need to come before, because they would pick up the song in 15 minutes. He would catch the song so quickly that he would say appreciatively that you give me your home address, he would laugh at it. Not just me, my mother’s favorite song ‘Hum-Tum Job Mile Jaiga, will create a new history …’

I think ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ was his first Hindi song. After that, he used to call me to sing in films like Par Ke, A Little Life, Agnipath etc. From the time they met, they would take songs from them. Don’t know what Dad thought the same mistake was going to be sung for the first time in the film, then Dad called Uncle Balu. And anyone can lose. Well, going to Balu Uncle is a big loss for the industry. Very sad news. My soul pays homage to him. ‘

(As told to Amit Karna and Umesh Upadhyay)

Rajeshwari Laxmikant

Rajeshwari Laxmikant


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