Bappi Lahiri gets a big break in Bollywood from his film ‘Bishal Anand’, never Alvida Na Kehna

16 days ago

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After a long illness, the actor of the s0s died on Sunday. He belonged to the famous Anand family of Bollywood and was the nephew of Dev Anand. Anand was originally known for his 1979 film Movies. The songs ‘Pyaar Amar Kabhi Kabhi’ and ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ from this film were quite popular and it can still be heard in human language today.

The film career did not last long

According to the movie plot report, Vishal Anand studied from Delhi and came to Mumbai for a film career. Director Devi Sharma paused from ‘Our Rights’ (1970). His co-star in the film was Kumud Chugni. But the great uncle Dev did not have as much success as Anand and his career soon came to an end.

A total of 11 films have been worked on

According to reports, Vishal has acted in a total of 11 films throughout his entire career. These include ‘Hamara Odhikar’, ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ (1972), ‘Taxi Driver’ (1973), ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’ (1973), ‘Chalte Chalte’ (1976) and ‘Bhagya’ (1980).

Big hand in the success of Bappi Lahiri

According to the report, Bappi Lahiri got her big break as the music director while the film of huge joy was going on. But he made his film debut about three years ago.


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