Bandra court files case against Kangana Ranaut for splitting Hindu-Muslim names in Bollywood

An FIR was lodged against Kangana in Kanata four days ago. He was accused of insulting the farmers.-File photo

Another FIR has been lodged against Kangana Runot. This time he has been accused of dividing Hindu-Muslim names in Bollywood. Mumbai Bandra Court has directed the police to file a case against Kangana in the petition filed by Sahil Ashraf Ali Syed. A case has also been filed against his sister Rangoli. An FIR was lodged against Kangana in Tumkur (Karnataka) four days ago. He was accused of insulting the farmers.

What did the petitioner say in the latest case?
Sahil Ashraf Ali Syed said in his plea, “Kangana Ranaut has been insulting Bollywood for the past few months by calling it nepotism and favoritism. She will work with Hindu and Muslim artists through her official Twitter handle and TV interviews.” Is divided into. “

“He tweeted highly offensively, which hurt not only religious sentiment, but also the sentiments of many colleagues in the industry.” Sahil testified that Kangana had many tweets in front of the court.

Copy of Bandra court order against Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana may be arrested on the basis of evidence
Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate, Joydev Y Jhule has registered an FIR under Section 156 (3) of the CRPC and directed an inquiry against Kangana. Kangana could be interrogated and arrested if there is strong evidence against her.

Kangana Pappu informed the army of those who had filed the case
Reacting to the FIR order, Kangana wrote, “There is another case against me. The Pappu army in Maharashtra is involved with me. Don’t miss too much, I will be there soon.”

Earlier, an FIR was registered against Karnataka
Four days ago, an FIR was lodged against Kangana at the Kiathsandra police station in Tumkur (Karnataka) for allegedly insulting a farmer. Advocate L. Ramesh Naik said that Kangana had insulted the farmers as a terrorist by opposing the bill relating to the farmers. (Read the full story here …)


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