Ban on release: Supreme Court to issue directions on release of ‘Swarm’ within 6 months, opposition lawyer says film will be in vain by then

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22 minutes ago

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Amitabh Bachchan’s picture doesn’t seem to be over. A few months ago, Nandi Chinni Kumar filed a case alleging copyright infringement by swarm makers. After that, the film was released on stage. According to the latest information, the Supreme Court has upheld the decision of the Telangana High Court. That is, the moratorium on the release of the animal will remain in effect.

Supreme Court Bench Bid – The case will be disposed of within 6 months
The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled on T-Series and Nagraj Manjul’s special leave application. A bench of CJI SA Babade, Justices AS Bopanna and VV Ramasubramaniam upheld the Telangana High Court’s decision on the appeal. At the time, CJI told the producers – “We will issue instructions to settle the case within months”.

The lawyer replied, “The film will be ruined in six months. There is talk of a Rs 1.3 crore deal. Now they are not following it. Consider it a priority. But the court has rejected his application.”

The dispute has been going on since May
Nandi Chinni Kumar filed a copyright infringement case in Kukatpally court on May 13. On September 1, the Telangana High Court suspended the release of ‘Big B’ film crew in India and abroad. It has banned the screening or release of the film on streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In the film, Amitabh Bachchan is played by Vijay Barse, a football coach.

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