B-Day: Kiran Rao scolded Aamir Khan in front of everyone?

New Delhi: Today Kiran Rao (Kiran Rao), director, writer, producer and wife of Aamir Khan, who turned forty-seven years of age, was born into a royal family in the South. After studying in Mumbai and Delhi, Kiran Rao suddenly decided to make a movie. He arrived in Mumbai and became an assistant director in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan.

Aamir Khan believes in arrogance
When Kiran Rao saw Aamir Khan on the set for the first time, he felt very rude. Even he was never influenced by Aamir Khan as an actor. In the sets of the film, one day when Bundes was wearing the character of Aamir Khan in his ear, a drop of silver was thrown from Kiran’s ear. Kiran complained that Aamir Khan never returned these bundles. The film became a superhit. Kiran started doing other things. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan separated from his first wife Reena. Two years later, Kiran and Aamir met again at a common friend’s house in Mumbai. When Kiran told Aamir that he was an assistant director in Lagagan, Aamir knew him. At this time Amir also gave him his number. Two days later, Kiran called Aamir for some work.

Both of them stopped talking about work and kept talking for a long time. A few days later Amir invited him for coffee. By then Kiran’s perception of Aamir had changed. Aamir and he started mixing and soon started living in Live Inn.

During ‘Rang De Basanti’ composed by ‘Dhoba Ghat’
Aamir Khan also took Aamir Kiran with him in the outdoor shooting of ‘Rang De Basanti’. Kiran used to sit at home all day and write scripts. Amir is not sure if he will be able to do it. By then the two were married. The day Kiran gave him the script to read, Aamir was impressed and agreed to make a film.

The problem was that Aamir himself wanted to work on the film. Kiran did not want her husband to instruct her. Aamir had to act in the film despite his unwillingness. On the first day of shooting, Kiran did not understand how to handle it. In front of everyone he started shouting at Aamir Khan and started showering. She spoke to him most affectionately, only threatening her husband. By evening Amir was upset, dissatisfied and asked, why are you doing this? Kiran then told him that he could not handle a senior actor like him. Aamir explained to her that she is not just a superstar on the set, but an artist. Kiran realized this and the next day everything was fine. Aamir Khan played his role very well.

However, after directing a film, Kiran decided that directing the film was not a matter of her control. He is happy with his writing and social work

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