Ayushman Khurana is busy shooting her next film, expressing joy with the fans

New Delhi This time Ayushman Khurana is looking very happy in her next photo shoot. Ayushman can be seen flirting with Vani Kapoor in the film. It was revealed on Wednesday that the film is being directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The movie is titled – ‘Chandigarh Ker Aashiqui’

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On Instagram, the actor expressed his happiness over the shooting of the film in his hometown Chandigarh.
He wrote on Instagram, ‘My next home is my hometown Chandigarh. Abhishek Kapoor’s love story # very excited to be a part of Aashiqui in Chandigarh ”

In this post, he also shared a picture of himself with Abhishek and Vani.

Vanio also posted
Vanio shared the same picture from his Instagram account.
Vanny wrote in the caption of his post, ‘Now is the time to fall in love! I am thrilled to be a part of Abhishek Kapoor’s love story #ChandigarhCare Aashiqui. ‘

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