Avoiding Anurag’s lawyer Priyanka Bhaskar’s question, Payal’s lawyer Nitin said, “We have evidence that milk will make water.”

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  • Anurag Kashyap’s lawyer Priyanka avoids questions about the case, Payal Ghosh’s lawyer says, we have got enough evidence against the filmmaker

A month ago

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Actress Payal Ghosh has filed a defamation suit against Anurag Kashyap. Daily Bhaskar tried to talk to Payal Ghosh’s lawyer Nitin Satpute and Anurag Kashyap’s lawyer Priyanka Khimani.

Nitin Satpute spoke in detail about the matter and said that we have electronic evidence and we will make milk and water but Priyanka Khimani seems to have avoided the question of Dainikvaskar.

After a 5 hour delay, Priyanka called Daily Bhaskar reporter Jyoti Sharma from her PR and said, ‘We gave what we had to say. Without these we will not answer any media question.

When this reporter said that when Priyanka doesn’t want to talk, she won’t say it directly, PR said that she has a lot of work to do.

Anurag’s lawyer Priyanka answered our question, but who told Payal Ghosh’s lawyer Nitin Satput when the case started?

Nitin said, ‘The case is between December 2014 and January 2015. Anurag called Payal to the office and was not seen at the time and called him again. When he came to see Pawel, Anurag told him to take off his clothes. Then, he started touching in the wrong way that Payal protested and said what are you doing. Then Anurag started saying it is very common, if you are not ready for it then come back later.

Anurag further told Payal that I have a lot of people who do this kind of work and they have no problem. Maybe you are not prepaid, then you will come back prepaid. Payal then left. She was shocked.

-Payal told the family to go home, but the family said that now your career is about to start. Do not fall into such debates. This kind of thing happens. But now Payal is ready to complain and there is evidence in this case. If we talk about why Payal hasn’t said anything yet, it’s because he’s being pressured to shut up regularly.

Payal heard his objections on social media after which we had a conversation and I explained to him that there is nothing to talk about on social media. You have to fight for it and punish the crime like indecency. ‘

When the Metu movement started, why didn’t Payal come forward and say something?

Nitin Satput said, ‘As many girls have given voice during Metu. Among them were Binta Nanda, Tanushree Dutt and dancer Divya Kotian. In addition to these some people tried to do these, they kept their mouths shut.

So far no trial has been held in the Metu case. What is the reason behind this?

Nitin said, ‘Binta Nanda’s talk off, the case is still going on and this incident happened among many people while Tanushree Dutt was talking, but no one refused to testify on behalf of Tanushree.

People are afraid to say anything against a person like Nana Patekar and against great choreographers like Ganesh Acharya. That is why all these issues are in the court. As far as punishment is concerned, unless the court shows 100% that the person in front is guilty and has all the evidence against him, he does not punish. This case is different because it has electronic evidence that is being tried to recover.


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