Shah Rukh Khan’s son is not being allowed to stay shirtless at home, because find out what

New Delhi: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has liked a lot about his ideals besides his work. He has different opinions about everything. Shah Rukh Khan once said how his son is not being allowed to walk around his house in a shirtlet. The actor also shared the reason behind it with the fans.

Abram’s house does not have this permission
In a conversation with Femina in 2017, Shah Rukh Khan said, ‘I feel that a man has no right to be shirtless in his home in front of his own mother, sister and female friends. I tell Arya to always wear a t-shirt. It is learned that Shah Rukh Khan has three children Arya Khan, Abram and daughter Suhana Khan.

Shah Rukh said this in an interview
Regarding the rule of not removing shirts at home, Shah Rukh said, ‘If you feel uncomfortable with your mother, daughter, sister and female friends without looking at clothes, why do you expect them to look at shirtless and accept them? It has nothing to do with having or not having breasts. Don’t do things that girls can’t do. “

When Shah Rukh started fan class
Shah Rukh Khan, once known as the King of Romance, once said in a conversation with fans on Twitter that the way to reach a woman’s heart is through respect and reverence. When a fan asked Shah Rukh on Twitter how he would influence a girl, Shah Rukh Khan said that you should stop using the word Patana first.

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Title Controversy: Salman Khan’s film ‘Kabhi Eid Da Kakhoni Diwali’ was titled ‘Vaijaan’, these films were also renamed Controversy

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2 hours ago

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Salman Khan will soon be seen in ‘Vaijaan’ after the Radhe movie released on May 13. The title of this film was earlier kept as Eid the Kabi Diwali, though the makers have now renamed it. After Tiger 3, Salman will start shooting for the film, which will also feature Pooja Hegde and Ayush Sharma in the lead roles. Even before the release of ‘Vaizhan’, the titles of several films have changed for one reason or another. Let us know what those films are-

Gangubai Kathiawali

Alia Bhatt will soon be seen in the Gangubai Kathiawari movie with a trailer. On the one hand, the trailer of the film has received such an unprecedented response, on the other hand, Congress MLA Amin Patel has applied to change the name of the film. He said that being Kathiawari, the title of the film would ruin the image of the city. There is currently no official announcement to change the title of the film.

Total Siapa – Aman’s hope

Yami Gautam and Ali Zafar starred in the comedy drama Total Siapa released in 2014. Before the film, the main characters were named Aman and Asha, but the name has already been taken over by Pakistan’s Jagran Group and the Times of India. To avoid copyright, the film was named Total Siapa before its release.

Madras Cafe – Jaffna

The film Madras Cafe, released in 2013, is based on the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. The film depicts negative images of several political parties, leading to calls for a ban. The film was banned in Tamil Nadu. The initial name of the film was Jaffna which is a city in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government objected. The film was later renamed Madras Cafe. The film was a hit.

Hasina Parker – Queen of Mumbai: Hasina

Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Hasina’s picture Hasina Parker was released in 2017, in which Shraddha Kapoor was seen in the lead role. The film was preceded by Mumbai of the Queen: Hasina. The strong look of reverence came into the discussion after the release of the film, but the name of the film was removed to reach out to the people of the whole country except Mumbai and the name of Mumbai became straightforward.

Love Travel – Night of Love

The name Love-Night became quite controversial when the poster of the film was released. Salman Khan was also accused of hurting religious sentiments. The film was later renamed from Love-Night to Profit-Yatri.

Rasalila of Bullets: Ram-Leela-Ramlila

The film starring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali was released in 2013. The film was preceded by Ramlila, which was hotly debated. As the controversy escalated, it was renamed Ram-Leela. A few days before its release, the name was suddenly renamed Goliyon Ki Rasila: Ram-Leela. The film proved to be a great hit.

And Prince- Radhambo Prince

Directed by Prabhu Dev, Rajkumar was released in 2013. Before the film was named Rambo Prince which had to be changed later. The Hollywood movie has a copyright called Rambo, which can be used to get the movie into legal trouble. Shahid Kapoor’s character name was also changed with the title of the film.

What is justifiable

Released on January 26, 2019, the movie Judicial High Kaya was much controversial because of its first name. The film was preceded by Mental High Choir, which was objected to by psychiatric society. He was alleged to have been mentored in the title as an insult to people fighting mental illness. The production house of the film later understood the case and changed the name to Judicial.

Padmavati – Padmavati

The Padmavati film released in 2017 was under control for several reasons. During the shooting, Karni Sena started protesting against the film. Many members of the Rajput community also complained of tarnishing the image of their people. The movie was banned by the censor board after the controversy escalated. A few months later, the film was released in January 2018 with the name January and a few scenes and events.

Lakshmi – Lakshmi bomb

The 2020 film starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani was controversial even before its release. When the trailer was released, it was revealed that the film featured a love story between a Muslim youth and a Hindu woman, which led to the film being linked to profit jihad. Later, the name of the film was also objected to. Many, including politician and actor Mukesh Khanna, strongly condemned the producers for using the name Lakshmi as well as the bomb. As the controversy escalated, the producers changed the name of the film from Lakshmi Boma to Lakshmi. Let me tell you that this film was a Hindi remake of the southern Kanchana film.

Bilu – Bilu barber

The film starring Shahrukh Khan, Irrfan Pathan and Lara Dutt was named Bilu repeatedly before Bilu. A community raised a lot of voices against it because of the word barber in the title of the film. When the controversy escalated because of the title, the producers repeatedly removed the word and renamed it Bilu.

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Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet cut each other’s hair, ‘Jhagra’ viral video

Rohanpreet (Rohanpreet) is slapping Neha Kakkar and holding Neha’s hair, while Neha is also shaking Rohan badly holding her T-shirt.

Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet


Corona devastation: Dead bodies have flown along the Ganges at the Buxar, Bihar-UP border, Shekhar Sumon, Urmila Matondkar and many celebrities have shared their grief and concern by sharing the post.

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  • Shekhar Sumon, Urmila Matondkar and many other B-Town celebrities were shocked when their bodies were found floating in the Ganges.

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4 hours ago

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The second wave of corona has caused a stir in the country. Every day thousands of people are dying from this virus. Meanwhile, reports have surfaced that several half-burnt bodies have been found floating in the Ganges River in Bihar. Whose videos and photos have surfaced on social media. Shekhar Sumon, Urmila Matondkar and many more Bollywood celebrities have expressed their grief and concern by sharing posts through social media.

Please God save us from this catastrophe
Shekhar Sumon shared the post and wrote, “More than 150 half-burnt bodies of suspected corona victims have been found floating in the Ganges river in Bihar. What if it is not a ‘Holocaust’? What is it? We don’t value it. It is very frightening. Protect from. “

Urmila Matondkar shared the post, “How can I tell an innocent blind person in the morning, I am not a blind vision of this eye. Hundreds of corpses have floated in the Ganges. Beyond tragic, cruel, inhuman faith. Om Shanti. #India Covid Crisis

Divyendu Sharma wrote, “The bodies were seen floating in the Ganges. Where did we come from .. Like most of our states, Bihar is now in crisis. We are in a state of emergency.”

The administration said the bodies were coming out of Uttar Pradesh
In fact, there is no place for cremation and cemetery for the people who lost their lives due to corona. The most frightening picture of this came from a boxer from Bihar. Several bodies were found floating on the banks of the Ganges River in the border district of UP on Monday. Boxer is the parliamentary constituency of Union Minister of State for Health Ashwini Kumar Chaubey. But the administration says the bodies came from Allahabad and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.

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Priyanka Chopra’s mother Kali’s picture seen in her jacket, fans say – Devi’s fans

New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a global star and also famous for her fashion and looks. The whole world follows the look of actress Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka repeatedly set a trend in the fashion world with her style. Recently, a picture of Priyanka going viral, where she was seen holding the hand of Nick Jonas. In it she is wearing a jacket with mother goddess ‘Devi Kali’ print.

There is a special picture of Priyanka’s jacket

This image is going very viral. It has been seen on the back of Priyanka Chopra. In the photo Priyanka Chopra was wearing stockings and pump heels after wearing a red dress. In All Red After Life, everyone’s eyes are on their jackets, which is completely different. In the middle of the jacket is the face of the goddess Kal. Priyanka has won the hearts of her Indian fans with her Indian touch of Western dress. While praising Priyanka, fans call her Maa Kali fan. This image is becoming very viral.

Priyanka is versatile

Priyanka Chopra’s international stylist Christina Ehrlich has recently spoken about the fashion sense of actresses. He said in an interview to Vogue, ‘Priyanka likes collaboration and we wear different outfits depending on the day. She likes urban street clothing. He is very versatile. They carry different types of clothing in different ways. Priyanka’s style has been liked worldwide.

Priyanka’s style is different

Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra) is so serious about her fashion routine, it is no secret from anyone. She flaunts each outfit differently. Priyanka believes in doing her job perfectly, even if she has to work a few hours continuously.

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Don’t go to Salman’s house: Not Alvira, Arpita had corona but now she is fine

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An hour ago

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Salman Khan’s sister Alvira and Arpita were reported to have a coronavirus infection, but Salman later confirmed that Arpita must have had a coronavirus infection but they are now fully recovered. With the release of this news, Arpita Khan Sharma herself confirmed on her social media that she was positive for Corona last month and is fine now.

Salman was at the round table with reporters to promote his upcoming film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Brother. Where the matter was published, however, due to confusion, Arpita as well as Alvira Corona have been found to be positive.

Alvira was no longer a cousin
When the Daily Bhaskar asked the Khan family about it, Salman made it clear that Alvira was not a coward. The infection only affected Arpita and one of her cousins, but both are now fully recovered. Alvira was never cowardly. Notably, 31-year-old Arpita also has two young children.

Arpita wrote on social media

Arpita writes – I came positive in Corona in early April. Although I was imperfect. However I have followed all the protocols and guidelines followed and thank God that I have recovered completely from Corona and am fine now. Stay safe, strong and positive.

Salman, Arbaaz has taken a dose of vaccine
In Salman Khan’s family, father Selim, Salma Khan, Arbaaz Khan and even Salman himself have installed corona vaccine. However, Salman’s second dose is still pending. Meanwhile, his film Radhe Rad De is all set to release. For which they are also doing digital promotion. The film also stars Disha Patni, Randeep Huda and Jackie Shroff.

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Written update to Anupama: Kavya committed suicide? Vanraj and Anupama were left to see

New Delhi: We have got some pictures of Madalsa Sharma from the set of TV serial ‘Anupamaya’ which is going viral on social media at the moment. These pictures come to the fore and it is known that many shocking things are going to happen in the upcoming episodes. Kavya (Kavya) realizes that Vanraj does not want to divorce Anupama.

Poetry will take big steps

Poetry will be disturbed by all these things and will become restless. Kavya does not understand how he won the heart of Bhanraj again? Kavya will try to kill herself in the face of toxic situations. Photos released from the serial ‘Anupamaya’ set will increase your discomfort. In these pictures, Kavya (Kavya) is seen counting her last breaths. Looking at them, it seems that Kavya has tried to commit suicide.

It will take a big push

As soon as Banraj and Anupama reach Kavya’s house, they will have a big shock. This means that the twist is coming again in this serial. Bhanraj will be scared to see his daughter in this condition. He does not want to leave any incomparable, on the other hand he does not want to harm the poem. In such a situation he will feel trapped. Although Kavya is behind Anupam’s husband and wants to replace Anupama, Anupama will come forward to help Kavya and pray for her recovery.

This thing was decidedly incomparable

Fans were quite surprised to see the pictures released from the set of the incomparable serial. Fans think Kavya will die. Seeing these pictures, Madalsa fans are posting that Kavya should be kept safe and not leave the show. However, seeing Kavya’s condition, Anupama decides that no matter what happens, she will not stay with Vanraj and will divorce him.

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Kangana snatched: Kangana’s post was also removed from Instagram, the actress said – it seems that the Kovid fan club has been damaged, it is difficult to stay here even for a week

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An hour ago

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Kangana Corona is positive. His Twitter account was also suspended a few days ago. He then started talking on Instagram, here he also shared the post of Corona being positive. However, Instagram has deleted that post. The reason is not known to Kangana herself, but she describes it as a carving of the Covid fan club.

Kangana can’t stay here even for a week – Kangana
On Sunday, Kangana wrote in an Instagram story expressing her displeasure – Instagram deleted one of my posts because the threat to destroy my Kovid hurt someone’s feelings. I mean those who sympathized with communists and terrorists are but cowardly fan clubs! It’s amazing… it’s only been two days since I came to Insta, but I can’t think of staying here for a week.

Which was written in Kangana’s post
Kangana wrote a day ago while giving a health update – ‘I have been feeling tired and weak for the last few days. There was also a twinkle in his eye. I was thinking of going to Himachal, so I got the corona test yesterday, today the report is positive. I set myself apart. I had no idea that this virus was partying in my body. Now that I know, I’ll destroy it. Do not let any power dominate you. If you are scared, it will scare you even more. Let’s end it. Covid-19 is nothing more than a short-term flu. Shiva everywhere.

This is why the Twitter account was suspended
Kangana was in controversy for several days for commenting on political violence in West Bengal. He has used words like Tadka, blood thirsty of Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in his social media posts. Kangana’s Twitter account was suspended five days ago after her tweet was found to be offensive. However, it had no effect on Kangana. Now they are resorting to other social media platforms to create their content.

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The actor wrote in a Facebook post before his death, ‘I could have been saved if I had been treated better’

New Delhi: After a long battle against the corona virus, actor Rahul Bhohra has finally lost the battle of his life. Theater director and playwright Arvind Gowher confirmed the news in a Facebook post. On Saturday, Rahul Bhohra sent a message on Facebook appealing to the public for help. But in this difficult time, he could not hold the hand of life for too long.

Freedom worked
Rahul Bhohar’s health continued to deteriorate after he tested positive for the coronavirus. Rahul from Uttarakhand was a popular face on digital platforms. He was seen on the Netflix series Unfreedom. Rahul’s work was quite liked and the fans praised him. Talk about Rahul’s post where he posted on Facebook for help, then he wrote in it that I wish he would have treated me better too.

I could live
Before his death, the actor wrote on Facebook, ‘I would have survived if I had received better treatment. Your Rahul Bhohra. As a patient, he shared his details in this post. The actor wrote, ‘I will be born soon and do well. Now I have lost courage. In his post, Arvind shared the news of Rahul’s death and expressed his grief.

Mujhe v chikitsa asa mil jata, to bau bach jata tumhar irahul bhohra name-rahul bhora age-35 hospital name …

Someone sent something to the post office Irahul Bhohra On 2021 Saturday, Saturday

We are your killers
Arvind writes, ‘Rahul Bhohra (Rahul Bhohra) is no more, my talented artist is no more in this world. Yesterday when he told me that his life could have been saved if he could have gotten better treatment. He was shifted to Ayushman Dwarka but we could not save him. Please forgive Rahul, we are your killers. I respect you again.


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Crisis aide: Rabina sent 300 cylinders to Delhi, which is facing a shortage of oxygen, saying – it’s like a drop in the ocean, but something will help

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4 hours ago

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Actress Rabina Tandon has come forward to help the capital Delhi in the face of corona oxygen crisis. He has started an initiative called ‘Oxygen Service on Wheels Mumbai to Delhi’ on behalf of his non-profit organization Rudra Foundation, through which he is sending oxygen cylinders from Mumbai to Delhi. According to the actress, the lack of oxygen in Delhi during the second wave of corona frustrated her. So he decided to send the cylinder there himself.

Rabin has sent about 300 cylinders
“I have sent about 300 cylinders to Delhi and for the rest we are trying to raise funds from the people. They could be our friends or any other extra money,” Rabin said in a conversation. We are not pressuring people. Ordinary people are coming and donating. There is a need to save what they have to face for emergencies. But yes, we are going to people who can make a difference and ask for help. “

These help like the drops of the sea: Rabina
Rabin announced his initiative in a social media post. He wrote, “The team is on its way to Delhi. It’s like a drop in the ocean. But it will help a bit.” Earlier on Friday, Ravenna posted a picture of herself on social media with an oxygen cylinder given to a foundation. His followers praised his move.

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