Authentic Interview: Bollywood makes women safer after #Metu – Flora Saini

While most people are still analyzing the success of the #Metu campaign, emerging queen Flora Saini of WebCG says that after #Metu, Bollywood has become a better place for women to work. .

After finishing the shoot of Inside Edge, Flora told us that during the shoot, posters were put up everywhere saying that this area is absolutely safe for women to work. Here are the highlights of our long conversation with Flora

Now you can say the queen of the web seriesThe

Yes, if you say so, I gladly accept this tag. I’ve worked hard to get here. The work you’ve seen so far is still there but the best has yet to come.

So what are you bringing in 2019 for your fansThe

Inside Edge 2 is ready, you’ll soon see it on Amazon Prime. Also Alt Balaji’s cartel, Ayesha is about to launch a new series for My Virtual Girlfriend Season 3, Red Land Gemplex. Nagesh Kukkunur is also ready as a dream city, which is going to release apps. All the big actors are coming to webseries now. So now you can only consider web movies as movies.

Flora Saini and Anveshi Jain Sex Scene

Ekta Kapoor’s Altai Balaji’s extremely daring web series ‘Gandhi Bat 2’, with a lesbian scene ‘wife’ famous Flora Saini, Anushishi Jain, who is in the news again.

You’re the lead actress of Dirty Talk 2, Did you know that this dirty thing will go beyond 1?The

We had no idea of ​​the success of Dirty Talk 2. Only those who are its directors must have considered it a mega hit. He has already told us that your human life is about to change. But we are very happy that it was a big hit from last season. I have always believed that movies go with blessings. If your unit is good and positive, your prayers must be answered. The dirty thing was the story of 2 small towns, in a situation where the cost of its production could not be so great.

In such a situation it became a huge hit for all of us. Nowadays the scale on Instagram has increased and the followers have increased very fast and this process is still going on. I would like to give full credit to Sachin Mohit, the director of Gandhi Baat 2, who shot it with great passion and we are not at all uncomfortable working with him. My mother went with me to the shooting because Vijay G took care of us as well as took care of me. He told us clearly that you will be judged for what you have done, but you have to be patient.

Tell me about the woman, how did you get this picture

The strategy of the production house was that they kept my identity secret for a long time. The woman did very well at the box office. Earlier I did a ghost picture in the south. When I first did this film, I found out that ghost acting is the hardest part. Full power required.

I got a call for inglai for a woman, I think you must have gotten a call from where your destiny is but it is not for this role. But when I went there for some more ed, I got to see it, got auditioned, I felt very good and then I talked to the casting guy.

Then he told me that ghosts have a role but no dialogue. Then there was an eye test with director Amar Kaushik. After which I was elected. When the picture came I felt like I couldn’t see my face. But in the end he showed a little. Later people also recognized me as a woman. But I believe that ten years later when I look at my career I will feel that I have certainly played different roles.


# Me too We made your story in the movement, how successful you think it isThe

However, my case was not a #Metu case. My case was a domestic violence case because I was in a relationship with producer Gouranga Doshi and I complained to the police which would go to court. Police are also looking for him as he is a fugitive. . It took me a long time to get my case out and I mustered up a lot of courage because he threatened to kill me. But when I saw Mitu, he was talking openly about how many brave girls had tortured him. So I also tried to bring my case to the fore by writing a post.

What is the case so far?The

My case has not started yet. Because till today the police could not produce him in court. Police say we are looking for him. However, he has not been caught yet. I have all the evidence in my case starting from the medical, yet I am still waiting for justice. When I saw these little girls talking to me about their misbehavior, I felt like saluting them.

It also made a difference, now useless people are afraid to talk to you like this. There was also action on the big guys. In such a situation I see now that Bollywood has also become a good place for women to work and is going to be more so.

What kind of rolls are you looking at now?The

I don’t want to be typecast anymore. It is not my intention to roll together. See how the rolls are given. Right now I also have a show on the owl. Whose name is Wanna Have Fun. My picture forgery Cyan was also released recently. But now I want to experiment with the role.


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