Ashram: Protests against Prakash Jha, allegations of involvement in faith

Mumbai: Film director Prakash Jha has been accused of playing with the faith of Hindus. The campaign against Jha is going on on social media. Angry people are also demanding his arrest. In fact, Prakash Jha’s web series ‘Ashram’ (Ashram) depicts saints who believe in Hinduism.

Preparations for the second season
Jha is preparing to start the second season of ‘Ashram’. Friday’s teaser has been released. After that the quarrel started again with them. #Prakash kashhaattaxhindu faith and #arrest_prakash_ja are trending on social media.

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Defamation of Hinduism
On social media, people have been constantly demanding a ban on Prakash Jha’s Ashram web series. He said that this web series is bringing dissatisfaction to Hinduism. This kind of content spreads lies about Hinduism, which should be stopped. At the same time, some people have said that Prakash Jha as well as Bobby Deol are equally guilty.

What is it in the ashram?
Let us tell you that Bobby played the role of Nirala, the father of Kashipur in the Ashram. It is believed that the second season is going to be more of a joke than the first season. From November 11, 2020, the second season will be a free stream for MX players. In this series it is shown that there are many fathers and religion gurus who abuse human feelings. Simply put, the alliance of faith, politics and crime has also been seen in the ashram.


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