Asha Parakh did not want to be a woman who broke the house, so she did not marry anyone else unless she married Nasir Hussain.

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Veteran actress Asha Parakh is 78 years old. Born on October 2, 1942, Asha worked in many memorable Bollywood films, but never married in her private life. Her relationship with filmmaker Nasir Hussain has made headlines, but their love has not reached marriage. The reason for this, he revealed in an interview.

Asha was in love with Nasir Hussain, so she never got married

Asha worked with filmmaker Nasir Hussain in films including ‘Dil Deek Dekho’, ‘Third Floor’ and ‘Karwan’. Asha said, “Yes, I fell in love with Nasir Saheb. I never wanted to be home. There was never a dispute between me and Nasir Saheb’s family. I will never tell Hussein his family. .

He was married and had two children when he fell in love with Asher. Asha also mentioned in her biography ‘The Hit Girl’. This biography is written by Khalid Mohammad which was published in 2017.

At the opening of the book, Asha said, “Important people in my life, if I don’t mention them in my autobiography, there’s no point in writing it.”

The stairs at the top don’t match me

Asha added, “I believe that marriages are fixed from above and in this case God forgot to give me a pair. My marriage was not a coincidence, so I was not married. My mother wanted me to marry somehow.

The marriage proposal came, but nothing was gathered. Someone told my mother not to marry her. Yet he tried a lot, but it really happened. Someone predicted that if we got married it would not last. Mom didn’t believe it either, so said it couldn’t be. He tried a lot to get me married, but didn’t.

I believed that getting married is more important than marriage. I didn’t want to get married just by putting a marriage tag. My wish was that I would get married only when I found my favorite partner. That didn’t happen, so I didn’t get married. “


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