Artist Sethi’s son Sonu Sood made an animated video, told the actor is the ‘real hero’

People like Shilpa’s post very much.

Shilpa was so inspired by Sethi’s son Vyan that she made an animated video on Sonu Sude for her school project, which was very much liked.

Mumbai Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is the Messiah of the people. Because of Corona, when there was a lockdown all over India and migrant workers started migrating, these reel heroes came out as real heroes and extended their hand to help people. Today, every person in India knows the name of Sony interest. Not only ordinary people but also special people are their fans. Bollywood actress Shilpa Sethi was so inspired by her son Vyan that she made an animated video for Sonu Sood for her school project, which was very well received.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Sethi shared this video of her son on Instagram. He wrote in the caption- ‘Vian’s school project is dedicated to the real hero Sonu Sud. They care a lot about what happens around the kids. This can be understood by looking at the school project in Wayne. The theme of the project was about those who brought about change. He was watching what had happened in the past months and admiring how my friend Sonu Sood was helping the needy in a selfless spirit.

He further writes- ‘When people sit at home in fear, they understand the suffering of others and help them the way he has helped migrant workers. He became fixed on Wayne’s mind. So he worked on his animated video, which he did on concept, dubbing, editing, writing. I am so happy to share it with you all, it is a proud mom moment. (Remember he is only 8 years old) Sonu, this is for you.

Sonu Sood commented on this post, he wrote- I am humble, big hug to Vian, I love you friend. You are a superstar. People really like this post by Shilpa.


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