Artist and Sonakshi’s shadow on Halloween, ‘Bhootia Shaya’

New Delhi: The night of 2020 was celebrated by everyone in their own style. If someone has a Halloween party for kids, they make fans happy through social media. Shilpa Sethi, who has always dominated social media, also greeted her fans on the occasion.

Shilpa becomes a terrible fox
This year, even though Shilpa couldn’t have a Halloween party, she shared a video on her Instagram and wished fans a Halloween. In this video, Shilpa is seen making a fox. With the help of filters, Shilpa terrified her fans very well. In the first video, he is seen smiling in a killer style, but as he approached the camera, he suddenly roared like a ferocious fox. Sharing this scary video, Shilpa wrote, ‘Somewhat beautiful and somewhat dangerous’. He also posted lots of Halloween emojis.

Sonakshi’s spooky style goes viral
Sonakshi Sinha also shared a video on her Instagram on Halloween. In this video Sonakshi created the whole atmosphere of Halloween. In this video made with the help of the filter, Sonakshi first appeared with a beautiful smile, but as soon as she pinched, she started appearing in a spooky veneer. At this time, Sonakshi also held a balloon in her name. While sharing the video, Sonakshi wrote, ‘If you don’t have clothes, you can try’.

Sonakshi’s special message about Halloween
The video also had a special theme that Sonakshi shared on Halloween. The T-shirt that Sonakshi wore in the video had hand captions to avoid the corona.

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