Arjun wrote special, heart touching things on Jahnavi’s birthday on social media

Jahnavi Kapoor’s 22nd birthday was the last day. Jahnavi celebrated his special day in Varanasi with his Bani Kapoor and sister Khushi Kapoor. Apart from these, many famous Bollywood actresses sent congratulatory messages, but the most special of them was the message of brother Arjun Kapoor.

Arjun greets Jahnavi

Jahnbi Kapoor celebrated his birthday on the last day. On this special occasion they are getting congratulatory messages from all around. However, his brother Arjun Kapoor also posted as Jahnavir late at night. While sharing a special photo with Jahnavi, Arjun wrote on his Instagram account, ‘So I got a photo that I haven’t used till today. Happy Birthday Janhabi. I hope that this year you will be able to find yourself and you will understand that this world is for you. Always respect and honor everyone and stay connected to the land. We sincerely hope that the more you love Panku, the more you will love us throughout the year …

Who is calling Arjun PankuThe

Arjun sent many greetings to Jahnavi, but Pao pulled. However, it is not known who Arjun referred to as Panku.


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