Arjun could not live without commenting on Malaika’s hot film

The relationship between Malaika Aurora and Arjun Kapoor comes up almost every day. Even at the age of 45, Malaika has kept herself fit. Her glamorous avatar has been seen once again. He recently shared a hot photo of himself during a photoshoot on Instagram. Her alleged boyfriend Arjun Kapoor has commented on this film.

Arjun comments on Malaika’s film

Whenever Malaika shares a picture on social media, Arjun must comment on it. And when Arjun shares a picture, Malaika comments. Recently Malaika shared a hot picture of him, then she couldn’t stop Arjun and she also commented. Seeing Malaika’s picture, Arjun praised her and described her as a ‘trailblazer’. He also used fire emojis.


Will get married in April

Let me tell you, they were both very serious about their relationship. Recently, it was reported that Malaika and Arjun are getting married in April this year. Both marriages must be bound by Christian rites.


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