Are theaters a whirlwind of despair, stuck or fighting?

Indian cinema / multiplexes are probably at their worst. Most of the country’s cinemas, which have been closed for seven months due to the corona crisis, are now more than a month old, but not all multiplexes, large and small, including single-screen theaters, movie theaters and distributors, have been seen in the clouds. The audience is not returning to the theaters as the new film has not been released. The practice of bringing old movies back to the ticket window does not succeed. That is why the collection of Rs 200-300 crore per box office film during the festive season is still stagnant.

Although the long-awaited ‘Suraj Pe Mangal Bharti’ was released the day after Diwali, the appearance of a handful of viewers has seen the faces of the cinema workers fade again. According to a report, Indian cinema audiences bought 10.93 billion movie tickets in 2010, when the industry lost about $ 1.2 billion due to the closure of theaters for six months due to Kovid. Is

In this context, people in the movie business are forced to join the current situation. While there is a break in the arrival of new films and viewers are not coming to see the film, on the other hand, the disagreement among film exhibitors, distributors, producers and theaters on some new and old issues is still changing. She’s done

There is no doubt that many other regions like the film industry are also suffering from corona and this region like the tourism sector is also suffering the most. However, it has also been observed that at the end of the process of unlocking at different stages, in many cases, the work has become normal, not as before. Life seems to have returned to places like tourism, food, restaurants, malls, etc. But single screen theaters, multiplex chains and the people associated with them still face dire situations.

So isn’t the situation in the region becoming normal just for fear of Corona? Or is there some other reason for the audience not to come to the theater? Didn’t the fights of the people in the movie world come to dominate the current situation?

Lack of new movies and audience indifference

In the midst of the Corona crisis, there was no shortage of good news for the reopening of theaters on 1 October. The practice of earning viewers through old films began. In a city like Delhi, tickets were initially reduced from Rs 300-400 to Rs 99, but the crowd did not gather. However, even after several weeks, no new or bigger pictures were released, leaving viewers indifferent. However, it was clear from the outset that for the next one or two months, Akshay Kumar’s films Lakshmi, Anurag Basu’s Ludo, Hansal Mehta’s Chalap, Taish, Durgavati and The Big Bull will be released on OTT. Still, a few films like Indu Ki Jawani, Tuesday and Friday, Suraj Pe Mangal Bharti, Sandeep and Pinky Fugitive, Bunty and Bubli 2 and Christopher Nolans ’English film Tennit are expected to return to theaters again. However, this did not happen. Veteran films were only shown in theaters, which did not inspire the audience.Some people want to say empty seats

Finally, after a long wait, the day came when, on November 15, in the midst of the Corona epidemic, a new Hindi film was once again raising the pride of the theaters. The audience response, however, in the language of trade, was very cool. That’s why ‘Suraj Pe Mangal Bharati’, which was released on about 70,000 screens across the country, was opened with just Rs 755 lakh. The next day, the collection of the film from Vaiju started declining and in five days it was able to collect only around Rs 2.20 crore. However, under normal circumstances, this kind of light hearted film does decently collect despite the average response but due to Corona the collection of films has decreased not only in India, but in the whole world.

In fact, movie alliances have woken up to the barrage of disinfectant sprays, even though viewers haven’t slept for eight months, the absence of viewers due to old movies has forced them to read again. Whether thick or raccoon, even a comfortable recliner, a seat without a listener is worth millions. Therefore, these seats are waiting, just for those saloon birds of cinema, for whom watching movies while sitting is no less than crazy. But after being locked in the house for a few months during the coronary period, the condition of this salmon bird that came out in the shadow of fear is not the same as before.

Masks, gloves, ieldal, two yards, all kinds of precautionary restrictions on watching movies is like going to war. Even after being in the pizzeria for a long time, the birds have difficulty flying again. But when he sees other birds flying in the open sky, his wings become deadly. It is possible that these salon birds, who can sit in the auditorium again in the form of spectators from the arrival of the new movie. But it also requires some encouraging efforts to become desperate, which is not seen at the moment.

The need has arisen
Obviously, something needs to be done to get the audience back in the auditorium. He also started the first movie Manoj Vajpayee long after it was released in theaters. For the purpose that people will travel to the theater, he shared a video of Qatar with the audience engaged to enter outside a multiplex with #CholoCinema. Dilijit Dosandha and Fatima Sana Sheikh supported him by sharing a photo of themselves from the cinema hall. The so-called new and old stars who are tweeting at the moment could have helped trending this hashtag but it would have been nice if their priorities could have been different.

Well, here and there things, etc., the hot beaches of the Maldives were running in hot photos of celebrities going on Hajj holidays. But the emotion was very good about #ShaloNima. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan suddenly brought his daughter to a cinema in Mumbai to watch the film on the evening of November 1. One of his tweets about this shows how eager he was to reopen the movies after a long hiatus. Manoj Vajpayee also thanked him without delay.

On the other hand, many enthusiastic visitors have even been seen sharing their experiences from the visitors gallery. Looking at the photos, videos and messages shared by the audience, it can be assumed that they never hesitate to show their passion towards watching movies in theaters. The film industry also treats viewers as mybap. Despite this, there was not much difference in the efforts of Manoj, Diljit, Fatima and Amir. There were no enthusiastic hashtags from the film fraternity, no action or calls, showing that they are with others during this difficult time.
Old fights with new troubles

Manufacturers, distributors, exhibitors and cinematographers continue. An ordinary viewer does not pay attention to such matters until the logistics of the new film are closed, but this time the bitterness has increased so much that even the corona dwarf appears. However, the crisis began with the lockdown, when films like Sitabo, Gunjan Saxena: Kargil Girl, Shakuntala Devi, Dil Bechara were released in OTT due to the corona crisis, with multiplex companies taking strong exceptions. He said that cinemas across the country were losing Rs 80-90 crore every month due to the lockdown.

However, in view of the far-reaching consequences of the corona, the producers had their own arguments for shifting from the theaters to OTT in anticipation of the return of conditions to normalcy, the details of which were never recreated. Yes, it is true that on the one hand the movies were waiting to open as soon as the conditions became normal, on the other hand the filmmaker whose release the film was postponed due to Kovid was losing patience. The other side of the picture, however, is that the reduction in the duration of digital broadcasting of new films (satellite and OTT, etc.) between major multiplex chains, film distributors, and producers in terms of profit percentage (8 weeks to 2 or 4 weeks) begins with a single screen in the middle of RR and Small multiplexes are considering themselves unreasonable. There is another problem with virtual print fees (VPFs), which has been the subject of some sensations, but it remains to be seen how effective they will be.

The disparity between different forums on different topics is increasing day by day, in which, in the coming days, people with single screens and small multiplexes will want to differentiate themselves. The whole system of the larger multiplex chain has an important role and dominance, but the existing situation remains that cinemas, multiplexes, distributors, exhibitors do not contract with each other, theaters will work again unless new films arrive.


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