Apt answer to Karan: Troll says – Karan Johar is the most beloved of Bollywood wives and filmmaker says – this sense of humor made me laugh

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2 minutes ago

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Bollywood Wives’ fictional Lives, recently produced by Karan Johar, has been published on Netflix. With the help of this, Karan has returned to social media where he is also reacting to the trolls. Karan, who was seen as the host of the series, also had to face the question of the trawler but he answered.

The user told Karan- I think we can all agree that the brightest and most beloved wife among Bollywood wives is Karan Johar.

Karan praised Hummer
Although Karan did not agree with the troll’s statement, he responded in such a way that he stopped talking. Karan wrote while sharing the post – well, it really made me laugh a lot. A troll with a sense of humor is quite refreshing. This form of Karan was published long after, especially after trolling after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The series has recently been published
The trailer of Bollywood Weaves’ Fabulous Lives shows that Seema, Mahip Kapoor, Bhabna, Neelam Kothari have been friends for the last 25 years. Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan have also been seen doing cameos in this trailer. It is created by Religious Entertainment, the digital content production arm of Dharma Productions. Which has been released. November.


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