Anushka condemned Gavaskar’s remarks, but also slammed the actress – you were silent when I was called a harem

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A month ago

Kangana Ranaut has accused Anushka Sharma of being an electoral feminist.

  • Kangana wrote in her tweet in favor of Anushka – electoral feminism is not good
  • In one of his speeches, Sanjay Raut called Kangana Ranaut a harem girl

Kangana Ranaut has criticized Sunil Gavaskar’s comments about Anushka Sharma. At the same time, Anushka has also been severely targeted. She wrote in her tweet, “Anushka was silent when I was shaken and called a harem. Now the hatred of the same woman is going to cut her off. I condemn Sunil Gavaskar for dragging me into cricket, but electoral feminism is not good either.”

Kangana wrote in another tweet, ‘Anyone with a sick mentality about sex will take Sunil Gavaskar’s statement on national TV on behalf of women on sexual issues. She should not have been named, but Anushka is playing the role of a cricketer in her next film and there are many videos of her practice with her husband.

What was Gavaskar’s comment?

The dispute erupted during a match between Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore in Dubai on the night of September 24. Bangalore captain Virat Kohli dropped catches on two important occasions. When Virat was batting, Gavaskar said, ‘And he (Virat) wants to practice as much as possible so that he can get better. The lockdown was just Anushka’s bowling practice, she appeared in the video, so there’s nothing to do with it.

What did Anushka answer?

Gavaskar (Read full news)

Gavaskar’s statement was in another context

During the commentary, Gavaskar was talking about the viral video, where Virat was seen playing cricket with Anushka during the lockdown and practicing his bowling, but took a different meaning by calling his statement offensive on social media. Began to go


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