Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aliyah Kashyap had such a performance, she said- middle aged …

New Delhi: Alia Kashyap (Aliyah Kashyap), daughter of popular Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap, is quite active on social media. He often puts his words in front of people on Instagram. Alia has done the same thing again. What came up with his post has gone very viral and has remained a topic of discussion.

Alia Kashyap is upset

Alia (Aliyah Kashyap) said in her post that people make obscene comments on her bold pictures. That is why they are afraid. Alia Kashyap wrote in her post that women in India have to face such things since childhood. This series never stops. Alia also spoke about the sexual harassment that happened to her in this heart touching post. After getting this thing in the public domain, everyone is shocked.

Alia said these things somewhere

Aliyah Kashyap wrote in his wonderful post, ‘The last few weeks have been very hard for me mentally. Ever since I shared my pictures in the lounger I’ve been facing ugly comments. Never before have I been so scared that I had to think about deleting my Instagram post. I’ve tried a lot to ignore this green arrow, but the truth is we should talk about it. This kind of thing increases the culture of rape, which in one way or another affects all Indian women.

Alia said- I am also a victim of this

He (Aleya Kashyap) further wrote, ‘We are a country that takes out candlelight processions after something goes wrong with women. When they are alive, they do nothing to save them. The truth is that Indian women have to face all this since childhood. I grew up seeing such lustful comments. When I was younger, a middle-aged man successfully beat me. Everyone speaks big in front of the world, but the reality is that the culture of rape is being promoted.

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